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Winter Outfits That Are Warm And Cute

Winter Outfits That Are Warm And Cute

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and depending on where you live you might already be experiencing snow. That means it’s also time to start thinking about changing up your seasonal wardrobe. Winter outfits can be difficult to plan out. It can sometimes feel like you need to sacrifice warmth for cuteness or vice versa, but that isn’t true. Below are winter outfits that aren’t only warm they’re also extremely cute. These are the winter outfits you’ll want to be wearing all season long. From casual to going out there’s a winter outfit on this list for every occasion and everyone. 

1. Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa jackets are making a big come back. Not only are they stylish they will also keep you warm. This jacket is also incredibly durable and it isn’t bulky so it won’t ruin your outfit. You could wear this with a casual outfit or even a fall dress. 


2. Black Sherpa Jacket

You could also get a black sherpa jacket, and pair it with the rest of a black outfit. This will make it slightly ediger than just the normal denim jacket. Also wearing a hat on top, like the ball cap below, will make you look effortlessly cool. 

3. Athleisure

If you’re someone who lives at the gym and doesn’t want to trade in your breathable althleisure try styling an outfit like this. Make sure your leggings are long enough to cover your legs and a hooded jacket, like the one below. Bons points for having a coffee in your hand. 


4. Cropped Sweater Over A Sweater

Layers are your friends during the winter time, so why not layer a bunch of sweaters? Find a thinner, cropped, loose sweater and pair that over a turtleneck thermal. 


5. Teddy Jacket

Teddy jackets are huge right now. Hop on that trend and you’ll have the best winter outfits around. They’re super cute, look great on everyone plus they actually keep you warm. 

6. Oversized Cardigan

Nothing screams cozy winter outfits than some oversized cardigans. Follow this photo below for inspiration for the perfect way to stay warm. Layer some basics underneath an oversized cardigan and you will be comfortable all day long. 


7. Crewneck And Dr. Martens

If you live somewhere that it isn’t super cold you can get away with wearing just a crew neck sweater, like the one below. Edge it up with some Dr. Martens and a pair of distressed mom jeans. 


8. Peacoat And Thigh High 

This winter outfit is perfect for the office. You will look professional but also warm, which is great if you ever have to leave you office during the day. Also considering how mornings tend to be chillier than evenings you’re going to want to make sure you have a jacket that will keep you warm during your morning commute. Don’t forget those thigh high boots either, they will do more than just have you look amazing they will also keep you warm. 

9. Thigh Highs And Sweater Dress

Another way to wear thigh highs with your winter outfits is to pair them with a sweater dress. This is the perfect outfit to wear out and about. You’ll stay warm without having to compromise your style. If it’s still super chilly outside be sure to add some tights, not only will they keep your legs warm but they can also help keep those thigh highs from falling down when you walk. 


10. Puffer Jacket And Beanie

Depending on where you live some lighter jackets will be fine during the winter. Although if you live somewhere that actually gets winter you know that you have to go all out during this time of year. You can’t just layer up you will actually need something that will protect you from the cold. Consider investing in a good puffer jacket, like in the photo below. While it might be slightly bulkier than some of the other winter outfits on the list it’s for a good reason. Plus many different companies have come out with thinner jackets that are surprisingly warm. You’re going to want to check out sporting good sports because those places will provide you with the best possible jackets. Don’t forget to put on that beanie. 

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11. Turtleneck And Hat

Although you don’t have to limit yourself to beanies during the winter. You could easily purchase a hat like the one below, it will protect you from the weather but you’ll still be stylish. Plus it could also help shade your eyes from the harsh glare of the snow. 


12. Oversized Sweater And Leggings

Winter outfits aren’t exclusively for the outdoor either. You need to have some cute winter outfits you can wear inside, like the one below. Find an oversized, flowy sweater and layer it over a pair of thick leggings. For leggings you’re going to want to find ones that are wool lined. While athletic leggings might come to mind those will not keep you warm at all when it’s winter. Try checking out sporting good stores and they should have a variety of leggings. 

13. Camo Hoodie And Vest

Another good thing to add to your winter outfits is a good vest. The photo below is cute with the combination of a camo hoodie and a vest. 


14. Cinched Jacket And Skinny Jeans

There are definitely cute jackets, like the one below. It cinches in the waist so that way you don’t lose your shape when you’re wearing a heavy jacket. It looks great over skinny jeans. Add a large, infinity scarf and it will be an absolute dream. 


15. Trench Coat

Another staple for winter outfits would be a trench coat, but they don’t have to be in the same boring colors. Look for one like in the photo below that comes in a beautiful pastel color. You’ll definitely turn heads in this professional looking outfit. This is something that you could wear to the office or to a date. 

What winter outfits will you be wearing this season? Comment below!