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Winter Nails You Need To Try When It Gets Colder

Winter Nails You Need To Try When It Gets Colder

It’s that time of the year again. Where there is a slight nip to the air and snow is just around the corner. ‘Tis the perfect time to give your hands the treatment they deserve, and get your nails done. Whether you head to the nail salon or do them yourself, there are so many winter nail ideas that’ll wow everyone. These beautiful winter nail ideas below will have you feeling merry for the whole season! 

1. Snowflake Accent 

A classic choice for winter nails that you can never go wrong with, snowflake accented nails are always in style during the winter season. This design works well with virtually any nail polish color, be it red, green or silver. One of the best nail polish colors to use is dark blue (the darker the better). It makes the snowflake look like its fluttering down from the late evening sky. You can either have one snowflake, or multiple snowflakes to make it more realistic looking. Painting different sized polka dots around the snowflake design is also a great way to make your nails pop. Whether you choose to wear this design on one nail or go that extra mile and wear them on all your nails, this snowflake accent will look beautiful no matter what.


2. Sparkly 

This look for your nails is simple, elegant and best of all, can be achieved in the comfort of your home. Winter always seems to bring out the sparkly nails in all of us, and who wouldn’t love these wonderfully festive nail ideas? Choosing what color you want to go with is probably the hardest part of the process! There’s so many out there that would work well for winter nails; plum, sky blue, clear and the list goes on. One color that would look stylish for the whole season is dark green with black undertones. There’s just something about this color that is both festive and sultry. This sparkly color not only looks fantastic with most winter outfits, but also catches the light in a stunning way that will have you admiring your nails all day long!

3. Gold Accent 

Gold is a staple color of the winter season that you see everywhere you go, so why not add a bit of gold to your nails for that feel of royalty? You can either accent one of your nails with gold or go for a gold Ombre look. Though both looks are attractive and glittery, the Ombre gold is a look that is the epitome of timeless, especially when paired with a light silver. Silver and gold are meant to be together, which is why there’s a wonderful Christmas song about it. And the classic film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer can’t possibly be wrong. This winter nails look is the one to choose if you’re the type of person who enjoys holiday parties and nightly outings. Your nails will glint just like the crystal of your champagne flute does.


4. Burgundy  

One winter nail color that is pleasing to look at and will remind you of your favorite glass of Pinot Noir is burgundy. This color is quite versatile and can be matched with several other nail polish colors. Burgundy with pale pink accent nails is a gorgeous choice, especially if you go matte. Another pretty wintery look would be burgundy paired with an accented silver nail. Don’t go matte with this one because you want to your nails to shine as bright as they can. A light, or even a dark, silver will work beautifully with this color, and will have you in the Christmas spirit in no time flat. A perfect look that is simple to achieve and will last you the season. 


5. Pearl White 

One of the best things about winter is definitely the snow! Freshly fallen snow is one of the most scenic aspects of the season, and holds an air of serenity. So, why not have the iridescent color of the snow on your nails? A perfect way to achieve this look is with a pearl white nail polish. This type of shimmering nail polish is inspired by June’s birthstone, pearl. Pearls and snow share the commonality of being both dazzling and pure in their looks. This is a look that all ladies who love winter nails should aspire to. Nothing says ’tis the season quite like these iridescent beauties. 

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6. Matte

One nail polish style that has become more and more popular over the years is matte, and if done correctly, can make a fashionable statement. Matte nail polish is perfect to wear during the winter because darker colors like deep red, eggplant, slate grey, etc. tend to look better in matte. And what is winter without dark attractive colors? A black matte nail polish may seem a bit drab, but if you pair it with gold accents, drab just became bold and beautiful. This look is perfect for New Year’s Eve and Christmas, but can also be worn throughout the whole season without being too overly festive. One of the classiest looks is the matte black and gold Ombre. The contrast between these two colors is simply stunning, and doesn’t have to be on every single nail to achieve an elegant look. These winter nails will have you saying “Matte-y Christmas” in no time. 

7. Gold Stripes 

Again with the gold? Yes, gold is always in during this time of the year! Another perfect way to incorporate gold into your winter nails is with stripes. Diagonal, horizontal, vertical, any gold stripe can look fantastic on your nails. There are also multiple background nail colors that will work amazingly with this design. A simple white with gold stripes is a sophisticated look for those of us who don’t want to go overboard. For those of us who are wanting to be a tad more on the bold side should go with a navy-blue matte with gold stripes framing the nail. This look is stunning and in vogue! The subtleness of the gold is what truly makes this nail design special, and worthy of any snobby relative’s fancy Christmas party. 


Did any of these winter nails inspire you? Do you have chic winter nail ideas of your own? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. 

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