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Winter Hair Colors To Try Right Now

Winter Hair Colors To Try Right Now

Now that fall is over and winter is here, many people are dying their hair for the oncoming season. Below are some popular winter hair colors that seem to be popping up everywhere from the red carpet to every college campus.

Soft Black

The weather is getting colder and hair is getting darker. This look is not a bold raven color, but rather a softer, more natural black. This color works well with both warm and cool skin tones.

Fading Blonde

If you’re too afraid to commit to a full head of blonde, try the new ‘bronde’ look (brown and blonde). This is a very flattering color for all skin tones and highlights the face nicely.


Rich Auburn

This is a coppery brown with warm undertones, which really pops during the winter months! This color looks great particularly against those with green eyes.

Chocolate Cherry

A sexy dark brown with deep red undertones. A color like this also works for those afraid to go black, but want to venture to the dark side.

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Warm Strawberry Blonde

This strawberry blonde has a subtle hint of pink. Perfect for those natural blondes who are looking for a fun twist.
Are you going to try out one of these winter hair colors this season? Let us know down below!
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