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Winter Fashion Pieces That Will Keep You Warm And Stylish

Winter Fashion Pieces That Will Keep You Warm And Stylish

As someone who has lived in the chilly Midwest for their entire life, finding clothes that are both fashionable and warm has proved to be a difficult task. Fortunately, I’ve been able to stick to a few staple winter fashion items that have never failed me, and I’ve rounded up a bunch of them to share! Here are some stylish pieces to inspire you that will not only upgrade your wardrobe but also prepare you for the cold air waiting outside.

1. A stylish scarf

Scarves may just be the height of winter fashion; they’re cute, cozy, and incredibly customizable. There are dozens of ways to wear a scarf and dozens more types. Scarves can be made of many different kinds of fabric or yarn, and there are lots of patterns to choose from.

You’ll never be out of style because there are endless ways to wear a scarf. I mean, remember when infinity scarves were the big craze? Also, the purpose of a scarf is to keep your neck and face extra warm, which is a must during the winter. When the cold wind is biting at your chin and cheeks, just pull up your scarf a bit for protection!


2. Earmuffs

Earmuffs are one of my favorite things to bust out of my closet once the weather turns cold. While it may not sound like the most fashionable thing, earmuffs are really coming back in style and there are so many cute and trendy options available online and in stores. And, just like scarves, there are so many different styles and kinds of fabric for earmuffs.

My earmuffs are super soft and fuzzy, and they’re seriously adorable. Plus, they keep your ears incredibly warm without messing up your hair! Winter fashion is all about combining warmth and comfort with style, and earmuffs symbolize the perfect mixture of those things.


3. An oversized sweater

Oversized sweaters have been a big trend for a while now, and they’re not going out of style anytime soon! There’s nothing cozier than curling up in a big sweater and relaxing by the fire, especially when the snow starts to make an appearance. Large sweaters are arguably warmer than tight-fitted ones, and the coverage they provide will be sure to keep you protected from the cold.

Winter fashion should allow for fun, statement pieces that not are not only comfortable but also help you express your personality and inner sense of style. Even adding just one oversized sweater to your wardrobe can help you prep for the chilly season ahead while still staying true to whatever fashion sense suits you best.

4. Black boots

Black boots are super in style right now, and they’re a staple piece of fashion to have in your winter wardrobe. Black goes with almost everything, and a pair of cute boots can instantly upgrade a simple outfit and make it trendy and fashion-forward; combine those two things and you have classy boots that will get you through every day of the winter season.


You won’t have to think about what shoes to put on every morning because black boots go with every winter outfit, and they’re going to be stylish no matter where you live. Once again, these are very customizable and can be found in so many different styles, depending on what you like and where your taste in fashion falls. And they’ll never fail to keep the snow from melting into your socks (because that’s a feeling no one wants to experience).

5. A fuzzy bucket hat

Bucket hats have been a big summer trend for the past couple of years, but they can totally be worn in the winter, too! By simply going with a fuzzy bucket hat instead of a standard one, you can instantly make this stylish item a piece of winter fashion.

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Kendall Jenner has been seen wearing a black, fuzzy bucket hat out and about on several occasions; so even if you don’t trust me, you can trust the style icon! Like any other hat, it will also keep your head warm on cold days and that fuzzy fabric is probably even cozier than a standard winter hat.

6. Fleece-lined tights

Maybe you’ve seen them on TikTok, but fleece-lined tights are a seemingly new craze—and they absolutely deserve the hype! If you don’t know what these are, they’re essentially just standard black tights but they are also lined with a skin-toned fleece. When you put them on, it looks like you’re just wearing regular tights, except there’s actually a layer of flesh-colored fleece beneath to keep your legs warm! They are available for all skin colors, as well.


These allow you to keep the sleek, classy look of black tights while also staying warm and comfortable when it’s freezing outside. These tights are the new savior of winter fashion, and they’ll make it so that you’re able to still wear all of your favorite dresses and skirts even when the season changes.

7. A sweat set

Slightly reminiscent of those tracksuits that used to be popular back in the day, sweat sets are now coming back in style, just in a much less tacky way. A simple, neutral-colored set is classy and comfortable at the same time, and it’s perfect for lounging around the house (or even going out to grab groceries) during the cold winter months.

Matching your sweatpants and your sweatshirt—when done right—can instantly make you look put together and ready for the day, all while allowing you to feel like you’re still in your pajamas. As a bonus tip, adding some gold jewelry such as chunky hoop earrings, rings, and layered necklaces can immediately upgrade a sweat set and make your comfy clothes look like a fancy outfit!


8. Anything plaid

Finally, plaid is one of the biggest trends of the season. For both fall and winter, plaid is the go-to pattern that most people and stores will gravitate towards. Whether it’s a coat or a skirt, bold and colorful plaids are a great thing to have in your wardrobe. When it comes to winter fashion pieces, a cozy plaid item is a staple to have somewhere in your closet.

When it comes to winter fashion, the key is just to keep it warm and comfortable while still remaining true to your style. Remember, you don’t have to be cold to be fashionable! Let us know which of these pieces you’ll be adding to your wardrobe this winter in the comments below.

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