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12 Winter Fashion Ideas You Can Rock This Season

Finding some cute and stylish winter fashion ideas for this upcoming season is a great way to get your wardrobe ready for the weather and seasons changing. Whether you experience cold winters or have just a slight drop in temperature, chances are you will still need to have an updated wardrobe for the weather changing. 

1. Oversized Turtleneck And Blazer

Having a loose, oversized turtleneck in your closet is a must for this upcoming winter season. Pairing it with a long scarf and soft blazer with matching color tones is a great look. It is a versatile outfit that’ll look great on anyone for any occasion. This outfit is perfect for staying warm and fashionable all winter long! Depending on the style of pants you decide to pair with this outfit, it can either be worn somewhere casual or as a nicer outfit. 

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2. Puffer Jacket

Having a nice puffer jacket paired with some mom jeans is a great addition to your closet for this upcoming winter. If you don’t experience super cold winters or you have everchanging weather where you live, some mom jeans are perfect to keep you covered but not too hot. A puffer jacket is a super comfortable jacket to have on hand at all times for the cold climate coming up. 

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3. Poncho With Undershirt And Matching Heels

Ponchos are a piece that comes in and out of style, but for this upcoming winter, adding a poncho to your collection will be a sure way to look great this season! No matter what color scheme you choose, matching this poncho with a matching pair of heels will make the outfit cohesive and dress it up a bit. Having a light top or turtleneck underneath it will help keep you warm all winter long! 

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4. Oversized Coat

This simple yet elegant outfit is perfect for anyone who is running late and wants to still look put together. Spending the time and money on some great winter coats that can be worn with all of your outfits will make your winter season a lot easier. If you don’t like dressing up or taking the time to put together a nice outfit every day, this is the perfect look for you! You will appear as though you spent time putting this outfit together when in reality all you did was buy one or two nice coats. 

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5. Ripped Mom Jeans And Jacket/Scarf Duo

Layering similar colors of a scarf and jacket will add a cozy feeling and cute look to your outfit. Ripped mom jeans are ever so popular so pairing this style of jeans with your jacket and scarf will create a perfect outfit. It has a soft feeling to it while still looking nice to go out and look put together in it. Dress it up or down depending on where you are heading and you have created a great winter outfit! 

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6. All Black Outfit

Matching this outfit exactly is going to be a hard task, but finding similar looks to recreate this stylish winter fashion idea is easy to do. Although you will be wearing very comfortable clothes, having an all-black outfit will make it appear nicer than it is. Even if you are wearing something super comfortable underneath, no one will see it in the winter! So, find your best oversized jacket and some boots and you’ll be all set for winter. 

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7. Monochromatic Outfit

Wearing a monochromatic outfit is a simple way to put together a nice outfit in little time. If you want to be bold and make a statement, choose a brighter, more noticeable color, but if you like a subtle look, choosing neutral tones is the way to go! This cream and tan outfit creates a soft look that is professional yet warm and comfortable for the winter. The neutral tones make it the perfect look for a casual outing or an outfit that can be worn in a professional setting. 

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8. Neutral Sweats

Although similar in color and concept of the last outfit, this outfit is more laid back and can’t necessarily be worn to any occasion, especially a professional one. This neutral-toned puffer jacket and sweatpants look is perfect for someone who wants to look cohesive but be as comfortable and warm as possible this winter. Although this look can be easily recreated, we couldn’t resist including the most comfortable outfit out there for our list of winter fashion ideas!

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9. Plaid Pants And Matching Tops

This outfit is perfect for someone who loves a subtle, matching color scheme. The blue and white in the plaid pants match perfectly with a blue turtleneck and white puffer jacket. It is the perfect outfit for a girl in the city wanting to make a statement with her outfits. 

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10. Knit Turtleneck And Matching Shoes

Having a knit turtleneck in your closet as winter approaches is crucial for staying warm this season. Find a turtleneck that can be easily matched with any pair of shoes you own, and then style it however you please. If you want a casual look, cuffed jeans work perfectly with this look. If you want something a little nicer, try adding slacks or wide-leg pants to tie this outfit together. 

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11. Bright Oversized Blazer And Matching Pants

This is a super fun outfit to put together when it’s cold outside. Having a bright yellow coat is a great way to make a statement with your clothes. This pairs perfectly with the light plaid pants and the inside of the jacket. This look ties together perfectly and is great for any occasion! 

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12. Complementary Colors

Having an outfit that features two complementary (or very close to) colors is the perfect way to make an outfit with fun colors while also keeping it toned down. The brown and turquoise complement each other so well in this outfit that it creates a statement piece while still being wearable to a professional setting. 

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Which of these winter fashion ideas are you going to try out this upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below!

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