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12 Winter Eyeshadow Looks To Slay This Holiday Season

12 Winter Eyeshadow Looks To Slay This Holiday Season

These winter eyeshadow looks are great for the upcoming season and holidays! Check out these winter eyeshadow makeup looks!

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to get prepped for the holiday season parties. Simple or bold, effortless or practised – there’s a look for everyone, and this is how to make your look stand out. Here’s 12 different winter eyeshadow looks to slay this holiday season.

1. Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is every girls ultimate go-to look. It’s easy yet effective. You can have a light and subtle smoke for a more casual look, or you can go dark and bold in preparation for the party season. Start light and build the colour slowly, instantly adding sophistication to any outfit.

2. Feeling Blue

Go bold this season and rock the party season with a daring midnight blue shadow for some winter eyeshadow looks. Colour is in this season, add even more intensity by adding colour underneath your lower lash line. This distinctive look brings characteristic to your over-all make-up – the ultimate holiday season go-to.


3. Make A Statement

Since we’re talking about going bold, how about going maroon and really making a statement this holiday season. This is the perfect way to jazz up any outfit. It is perfect for the winter season – dark, enigmatic and fearless. This head turning look will make you look confident and more importantly feel confident.

4. Bare All

Colour not your thing? Fancy something natural? This look is the perfect way to strip back and bare all. The lightly defined shadow is the picture-perfect look. Partnered with a high-shine gloss it makes an effortless and flawless make-up look.

5. Mix It Up

As colour is so in right now for winter eyeshadow looks, why not mix it up with two bright and bold colours? Pick a combination of colours which complement each other, for example – pink and orange. Start with the brightest, matte colour and use generously over the eye-lid, continue to blend it out with a contrasting shade. This will create a massive impact and will transform any ordinary outfit. Also perfect for those unexpected get-up-and-go events.


6. Go Gold

Spice up your make-up routine with these winter eyeshadow looks. Begin with a dark, bronze shadow on the outer corners of your eye-lid, move into the inner corners with a light golden powder and then blend up accordingly. Why not try a dash of glitter to make the corners of your eyes pop? This is a glamorous go-to party look.

7. Rose Gold

Do you want a glamourous party look, but not feeling brave? Go for a pretty, calm and restful look. Warm and relaxed colours will give you the essential party look without going OTT.

8. Pop Of Colour

If you don’t want the full eye make-up look, try a simple pop of colour on the upper lash line. A simple dash of colour on a naked lid will add definition and will be the focal point to your whole look. Whether it be a bold colour or a stylish glitter liner, change it up and colour co-ordinate each outfit.

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9. Mermaid Eye

This type of look for the fearless only. Bored of the typical, classical look? Go bold and try metallic. Try one colour or try multiple, it’s all about experimenting with different looks and what suits you best.

10. One For All

Instead of using a combination of colours to create definition and forget about complexity, attempt an all-over look using one bold colour dominating your whole eye-lid. If you want to add texture and depth try darkening your brows for dynamism.


11. Cut Crease

Want to take eye shadow looks to the extreme? Why not test your skills and attempt this extra cut creased look! For a head turning appearance, use black eye-liner in a bold, winged style, this will positively enhance your whole make-up look. Add fake eye-lashes and a brow bone high-light for that extra party vibe.

12. Eye Liner Is A Girls Best Friend

Want to make a statement without the extravagant extras? Experiment with different ways to apply simple black eye-liner on the upper and bottom lash line. Try a broken defined line in the outer corner and inner corner of your eye, just like the example below. Why not try a ‘cat-eye’ look and extend the flick in the inner corner of your eye for extra eye popping definition? Simple yet effective.

Have you got any favourite winter eyeshadow looks you want to share with us? Tell us in the comments!

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