Winter Date Ideas Your SO Will Love

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For a lot of people, the winter months are very unwelcome. It’s cold and dark and you can’t live in beer gardens any longer. How are we meant to keep romance alive in these conditions? Especially when we are all bundled up in about 50 layers of clothing. We don’t want to give in! Winter doesn’t have to be an absolute snooze fest. It can be an opportunity to try out some fun winter date ideas. Don’t let your date life with your SO go into hibernation. Have a look at some of these winter date ideas your SO will love and see how you can put the warmth back into winter.

Winter Date Ideas Your SO Will Love

A night at the movies

Both pick a movie that each other hasn’t seen and watch them together. Gather together a bunch of your favourite movie snacks, just like squirrels going into hibernation, and get cosy together under a heap of blankets. This enables you to spend some quality time together and get to know your SO taste in movies… as long as you don’t get distracted…

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Christmas Market

Most cities put on a Christmas market ever winter and they are really fun. Try out ice-skating together and eat some delicious Christmas food. The perfect winter date idea your SO will love and a way to get you both in the Christmas mood.

Winter Date Ideas Your SO Will Love

Cook together

This could be a cooking class or just at home together. The best part is you can be as adventurous as you want. If you take a cooking class you both have a chance to show off and learn some new tricks in the kitchen too. At home, get inspired to bake by the GBBO or go big and try a three-course meal. And if it all goes to shit you can always just order a take-away… at least you tried.

Board game night

Make date night competitive… you could always invite your friends round too! A cosy way to spend a winter night in and warm yourselves up with some rivalry.

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Get your nerd on

Get out of the cold and out of a Netflix binge fest and go check out your local museums with your SO as an informative but cute date.

Swimming with the fishes

Just like an educational (wink) museum date, your SO will love a trip to the aquarium. You can both briefly pretend you’re on a beach someone to quell those winter blues.

Winter Date Ideas Your SO Will Love

Volunteer together

It’s less intense than working together, but you’re still being productive and its for a good cause. This is a very giving way to spend your winter months.

Art gallery

Your local art gallery will probably have an exhibition of some kind on. Plus it can often be a free opportunity to spend time with your SO. Even if you aren’t that into art, it can inspire conversation between you both.

Winter Date Ideas Your SO Will Love

Pub golf

Yes. Even just the two of you!

Wine and cheese

Theme nights, especially in winter, are always extra cosy. Set up a hella charcuterie (fancy word for salamis etc) board alongside some hella wine and your SO will be smitten.

Winter Date Ideas Your SO Will Love

Spa night

Get totally relaxed with each other and treat each other will some face masks, even a massage or something to pamper your SO.

Indoor picnic

Really set this up with the blanket and basket and all. Bring the outdoors inside when its winter. If you put in the effort your SO will definitely love this date idea. Oh and don’t forget the cocktail sausages.

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Mini golf

A lot of mini golf activities are indoors, especially in the UK lol. This is a fun and competitive date idea your SO will love to get you out the house but remain warm this winter.

What I’m trying to say with all these winter date ideas is that there are still many fun ways to spend time with your SO and show you can still make the effort in the winter months. Your SO should make you really happy and you wanna make them happy too! Give some of these winter date ideas a try.

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