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12 Winter Comfort Food To Eat On A Snowy Day

The nights are drawing in and that can only mean… it’s time to eat some of the comfiest, cosiest and stodgiest foods around. Did I mention the tastiest? In winter you’ve got to work on your bod, by adding a few layers of warmth surely? Winter comfort food to eat on a snowy day can really warm you up when the weather is trying its best to turn you into a real-life snowman. Check out these 12 winter comfort food ideas to eat on a snowy day.

1. Stew and dumplings

A slow cooked stew with carrots accompanied by some large dumplings is the perfect kick start to your winter comfort foods. This combo of rich sauce, soft carrots and pure goodness could be the number one winter comfort food. Check out how to make this comfort food recipe yourself with this recipe from GoodHousekeeping.

2. Lasagne

Layers of bolognese, pasta sheets, cheese and cheese sauce. Sounds like a winning combo to me. This recipe by MaryBerry serves 6, so you can enjoy together! Also check out this awesome veggie lasagne option by Cookie+kate packed with your favourite veggies.

3. Fish and chips

Now this sea-side classic is not just for sunny days. In fact there is potentially a debate that it could be better in the winter… what do you think? You can even try making it yourself with this JamieOliver recipe to really impress.

4. Pie and mash

Pot pie, shepards pie, steak and ale, chicken pie… and these are only the tip of iceberg of savoury pie ideas! Have your pie with mash or chips, peas, gravy? Endless opportunity. This is one of my favourites by GoodFood, chicken and mushroom puff pie – a dream.

5. Roast

Classic. And not just for Sundays! Pick your favourite meat / veggie alternative and combine with roasties, veg, Yorkshire puddings – essential – and of course best bae lashing of gravy. Check out this site olive that has a HUGE range of roast ideas, one for everyone. Switch up your usual roast with these yummy variations.

6. Spag Bol

Don’t think that pasta dishes are left out of winter. And who else but the OG spag bol to warm you up. This recipe by ErrensKitchen is also quick and easy!

7. Brownies

Oooey gooey soft and chewy always rich and so delish. The perfect winter comfort food to share on a snowy day. These brownies by CafeDelites are fudge brownies for extra delicious chewiness.

8. Apple crumble

Crumble and custard or ice-cream is a perfect comfort eat on a snowy day. The contrast of the soft apple and crispy crumble by TheSpruceEats is the perfect way to show off. Make your loved ones feel content and cosy this winter by cooking up this sweet treat for them on a snowy day.

9. French onion soup

We haven’t even discussed soup yet! Soup is obviously perfect for a cold day. But the perfect comfort soup for a snowy day has the be french onion soup. Accompany your soup with a delicious cheesy crouton topping shown to you by SimplyRecipes.

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10. Chilli

Avoid the chill with some chilli. Ha. I’ll be here all week. Spice your your winter (see they keep on coming) with this delicious recipe by RecipeTinEats.

11. Mac n cheese

One of the best parts about mac n cheese is that you can add little bits of your extra favourite flavours to it to make it extra special. As if melted cheese and macaroni wasn’t good enough anyway. Check out this recipe for bacon mac n cheese by TheHappyFoodie.

12. Ravioli

Nothing beats Heinz of course… but you could try making your own! This easy butternut squash ravioli by Tasty is so good. Plus a fun way to spend your day if you want to get creative in the kitchen.

The best part about these ideas is that a lot of them are for sharing. So you can cosy up and comfort gobble with friends, partners and family. Have a homey winter and enjoy the snow from inside with these 12 winter comfort food ideas.

Snowy days just got fuller (and so did you). Let us know your favourite winter comfort food in the comments!
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