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Winter Bucket List Ideas

Winter Bucket List Ideas

Holidays may be behind us but there is still plenty of winter left and there are plenty of activities that you should be on your winter bucket list!

Xmas might be behind us, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy some winter fun! Winter is a time of relaxation and self-enjoyment. If you are not working over the holiday break, there is so much time to participate in fun activities. Here is a fun winter bucket list of ideas to make the most of winter break as the best chilly break:

• Go skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snow shoeing
• Create your own recipe for hot chocolate

• Build a snowman or any object out of snow
• Bake sweets and have a cookie exchange
• Host a pink elephant party
• Stroll in the snow in a nearby park
• Go ice skating (maybe with a loved one)


• Learn to craft and make gifts for your family/friends
• Volunteer at am event in your town
• Roast marshmallows in your fireplace

• Run a “Hot Chocolate” 5k


• Hot tub outdoors, then jump in the snow
• Go snowmobiling
• Attend a hockey game or any other sports game
• Make an igloo and have a snowball fight


• Sit by a fire
• Create an indoor workout routine/get a gym pass
• Take pictures in the snow
• Visit a city and take a horse drawn carriage ride
• Snuggle up in your favorite pajamas or onesies and watch winter movies
• Read a good book or a couple
• Throw or attend a New Year’s party or Holiday Party

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• Drink egg nog or cider

• Visit a cabin with friends
• Write letters to someone in the service
• Go caroling or learn a new instrument
• Window shop

• Host a cookie exchange


• Make a scrapbook of the year
• Create your own blog
• Accomplish goals that you weren’t able to during school
• Make your New Year’s resolution
• Clean out your closet—go shopping for Winter clothing
• Kiss under the mistletoe

Do you have a winter bucket list? Share your ideas below!