10 Winter Booties To Wear To Every Holiday Event You Have Planned

Check out all of the cute winter booties that we think you should wear to every single holiday even you have coming up. We know it’t a lot, so why not go in style!

Reuniting With Old Friends

Winter break is often the time that you get to reunite will all your hometown friends. That means you’ll more than likely wind up at a bar or two…or three. This is a chance to rock an ultra cute pair of winter booties, and don’t be afraid to go sky high with that heel! For this event you can wear a bold pattern, like leopard or snakeskin print, or crushed velvet. For fun nights on the town, you can go as daring and fearless as you want with your booties.

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A Party at Your SO’s Place

Ah meeting the in-laws…wait, way too soon for all that! But if you are attending a party thrown by your SO’s parents, you’ll want to stick to booties that you feel like yourself in. That can pretty much change person to person, but if you feel comfortable in classic black patent booties, then wear those. Feel more comfortable in your favorite pair of studded booties, stick with those. You want to portray the real you here.

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Office Party

Office parties tend to be more family oriented and laid back than most other parties. You can keep it casual for these, but still cute. Try a basic solid color for booties, or maybe something suede. Chances are the material won’t be in any danger indoors.

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Ultra Chic Party

We all have that one Holiday party that you pull out your finest, freshest outfit for. Well an outfit isn’t complete without rocking booties. Go for a glittery heel, or something shiny like metallic. These will really pop if your wearing holiday colors like gold, white,or red, even green. You’ll probably want to get ones with a heel to push the look over the edge.This will help you stand out in a crowd that’s probably also dressed to kill.

Get the razzle dazzle:

Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can be pretty tedious, and who knows just how long your going to be out and about searching for the best gifts. I’d go with a comfortable pair of booties that you won’t mind being stuck in all day. But just because they are comfy, doesn’t mean they have to be plain and boring. Go combat style, or look chic in white booties.

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Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas tree shopping is usually done outside, or sometimes on a dirt lot. You’ll likely be traipsing around in mud, and pine needles so for this you may want to choose a durable pair of booties. Combat boots will work well again here, or anything with a smooth finish that can be cleaned easily with show cleaner, just in case you do happen to step in mud.

Check out the looks:

Music Festivals

Just because it isn’t technically music festival season, doesn’t mean that they stop all together. Some of the most epic music festivals happen in the winter. If you’ve got tickets, then its about time to start getting your outfits together. Music festivals are usually all day, or all night events so I’d stick with a flat boot. Add some studs or get ones with laces to help you really stand out.

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See Also

Local Tree Lighting and Holiday Light Viewing

These events, while fun and festive, you will most likely be standing for long periods of time and in large crowds. And after they are over most people like to walk around and view all of the other lights around. Again, comfort may be your best friend here, but don’t be afraid to go with fun patterns or a chunky heel.

Get the looks:

Holiday Movie Marathon

Holiday movies are a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Many theaters like to have all out movie marathons for the people of their town. Going to one of these? Plan to go out for a cute lunch around town and maybe even dinner after, you will be eating mainly popcorn all day, gotta get in some real food too! Go for fun booties that you want to show off all around town before, during, and after you hit the theater.

Find them here:

Christmas Eve or Day

Many people have a day either Christmas Eve of Christmas Day where they get all dolled up. So whichever day is your fancy day, pick a pair of winter booties that will match that class. Go for bold but classic booties, like satin black, or a chunky glittery heel. Take some risks with your style, maybe wear some winter booties that you might think is normally too bold, it is Christmas after all, its the best time to try!

Find looks here:

What are your favorite winter booties? Tell us in the comments!
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