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15 Winter Bags You’re About To See Everywhere

Hard to believe it’s almost winter. That means new weather, new clothes, and of course new accessories. If you’re wondering what winter bags everyone will be reaching for this season this list is meant for you. Below are a few of the more popular winter bags you’re about to see everywhere. From large bags to little bags and even a few unexpected bags this list has something on it for everyone. The plus side is some of these are significantly more cost-effective than others, meaning everyone can swap out their old bags for new, winter bags.

1. Mini Bag

Remember the tiny bags everyone was obsessed within the early 2000s? Well, they are officially making a comeback. People are discarding their larger, oversized purses for ones that will probably hold nothing beyond an ID, a card and maybe you’re phone if you’re lucky. Like all things coming back from the past, these mini bags have gone through an upgrade. While you most definitely can still find ones that have logos still stamped all over them most designers are going for a more subtle approach this time around. The plus side about these winter bags is that they are tiny therefore, for the most part, they tend to be cheaper than their larger counterparts.

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2. Crocodile

If you have way too much stuff to lug around to where a mini bag just won’t work for you don’t worry this bag below is for you. Crocodile texture is definitely in. Don’t worry though you don’t actually have to support non-animal friendly brands to stay on top of this trend. Below is a crocodile tote that is fake but still looks just as great as the real one but no animals were harmed in the name of fashion.

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3. Backpack

Backpacks are also sticking around this season. These are one of the more practical winter bags. You don’t have to be a student to support this trend. More and more stores and designers are putting out backpacks that go beyond the typical jersey backpacks. Below is a perfect example of one that is fashionable and supportive.

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4. Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are going to be huge this upcoming season. The bag below is large enough to carry a decent amount of items but that isn’t even the best part, it has a crossbody strap. Making it easier to carry around rather than having to grip the large handle that bucket bags usually have. This is one of those winter bags that will definitely outlast the season because it’s so functional.

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5. All White

Fashion is all about breaking the rules and this is a trend that is no different. You’re not supposed to wear white after labor day but this winter bag says to hell with that rule. Instead, designers were showing off all white purses. This might not be the best everyday bag, white does get dirty pretty quickly, it is still good enough for the occasional statement accessory or even for a family holiday celebration.

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6. Chain

Metal details are in this upcoming winter. Below is a purse that leans into that trend but also manages to put a twist on it. The suede material is a nice contrast to the chain strap that is long enough to go just to your shoulder or around your whole body.

Get the bag here:

7. Quilt

You won’t just want a quilt on your bed this season you’ll also want that pattern on your purses. Quilted bags are popular this season because they add dimension without being too overpowering. The purse below is just the right balance of the popular pattern, making it one of the winter bags you would want to add to your winter wardrobe.

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8. Wristlet

Similar to the mini bags wristlets are making a big comeback. These winter bags are somewhere between a wallet and a clutch, combining the best of both worlds with its size and accessibility. What makes wristlets nice is that they have a little handle large enough to fit around your hand so that way you won’t accidentally lose it like a normal clutch.

Get the bag here:

9. Lock Closure

Be extra secure with your belongings this season with winter bags that have lock closures. The tote below will ensure that nothing in your purse will come tumbling out no matter what you put it through. This bag is ideal for someone who potentially travels a lot or even someone who just has too many things to where if it spilled it would be just a giant mess.

Get the bag here:

10. Clear Bag

Clear bags might not be the most practical bags but they sure are cute. The one below goes a little above and beyond with the added detail of the seams not being see-through. The purse looks pretty expensive but it’s actually one of the more wallet-friendly winter bags on this list.

Get the bag here:

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11. Envelope

An envelope cover is one of the more popular ways to ensure the safety of your purse this season. While it might not be the most daring of winter bags it’s still a great bag to have. This is one that is great for everyday use and even would be cute to take to work or even on a date.

Get the bag here:

12. Circle Bag

If you want to be daring but not too over the edge consider one of these winter bags. Circle bags are different enough to where they will catch people’s eyes but not enough to where it might overpower an outfit. This is a bag that you could actually use all the time too, considering how the toned down texture and color make this bag more accessible.

Get the bag here:

13. Unique Shapes

If you’re someone who likes to make a splash and large impression wherever you go prepare yourself for some more unique shapes this season. On the runways, designers were showing off bags in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The one below might not work at the office but it sure is fun. This is the kind of bag that shows off your style and will definitely turn heads. The plus side is it’s actually pretty functional too.

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14. Clutch

If you are daring enough to have a clutch you’re in luck because they are in style this season, specifically ones with a lot of structure to them. The bow clutch below is dainty but the design gives it a modern look. It will be durable and hold up throughout the winter months.

Get the bag here:

15. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs aren’t going anywhere. This hands-free accessory is among one of the more popular winter bags. What’s nice about this bag is that it was made for people who can’t be bothered with constantly lugging a bag around. Similar to a backpack this is one of the more accessible winter bags on this list.

Get the bag here:

What winter bags will you get your hands on this season? Comment below!

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