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Winged Eyeliner Looks That Will Stand Out

Winged Eyeliner Looks That Will Stand Out

The best part about makeup is that there is so much you can do with it. There is a large variety in what you can put on your face and where you can put it. From your forehead to your lips and everything in between, your face is like a canvas. There is one part of your face that gets a lot of attention when it comes to makeup. That part is the eyes. Most looks there are complicated, but all it takes is some practice. There are a lot of items you can put on your eyes, but eyeliner is certainly an important item. As the name implies, it helps line your eyes so they stand out. One of the best ways to put eyeliner into use is through winged eyeliner. This is where you make wings around your eyes, which brings in even more attention. There are multiple ways to winged eyeliner, each special in their own way. Here are some killer winged eyeliner looks, and when you pair them with some eyeshadow and mascara, your face will be ready for anything.

Classic Wing

1. Classic Wing

You can never go wrong with the original. This is the look that defines winged eyeliner. It is very simple to do and can be done with any black eyeliner that you own. You simply take your eyeliner across your eyelid at the upper lash line. You then bring it out past the corner of your eye to create a bit of an extra line, the wing. Make sure you have a steady hand and this can be done in less than a minute. It may seem simple, but it will still leave a lasting mark. It will help enhance your eyes to give them more of a dramatic look. You will look confident and a little dramatic in the best ways possible. There are many places where you can try out this look. You can try it out in the workplace if you want to make sure that people’s eyes are on you when you are in control. It will also be perfect for a fancy occasion, like a party or a wedding. It will make people want to talk or flirt with you and you will stand out. This is not the most spectacular or exciting of the eyeliner looks, but it will definitely get you noticed.

Cat Eye

2. Cat Eye

Some nights you might want to look fierce and untamed, so how about some eye makeup to match that desire? Winged eyeliner is always great, but maybe you want to elevate it a little. That is why the cat eye look is here. Cat eye winged eyeliner is very similar to the classic look, but with a key difference.. Instead of stopping at the top lash line, you will also put the eyeliner on your bottom lash line, and connect the two lines for your wing. It is a winged look that is a little more daring. It will bring your eyes out even more and give you a flirtatious look. Also, it does not need a full face of makeup to be electrifying. Just put your cat eye on and you will look stunning. It is perfect for an event where you need to dress up, and while the normal winged eyeliner look would make you stand out a little, you should do this at a place where you want all of the attention. If you are going out for a night on the town, going to some formal gala, or on a date somewhere really nice, you will be the talk of the night. No shame in standing out, be proud.


Kitten Eye

3. Kitten Eye

Maybe you want to do a winged eyeliner look, but you don’t have anywhere fancy to go. You might just want to throw on some makeup while staying chill. That is how the kitten eye trend started. This is a new look for people who don’t feel the need to do a lot with their face. As you can probably tell by the name, it is fairly similar to the cat eye look. However, as you also might be able to tell by the name, it is a bit smaller and less ferocious than the cat eye look. It is structured about the same, but with a shorter wing and lighter lines. It is a bit simpler, but will still make your eyes look great. This is a type of look where the eyeliner might not be as noticeable at first as it is more subdued. That is because this is a look for a more casual day. Maybe you are just going shopping or hanging at a park. Or maybe you are someone who is not a fan of putting too much makeup on your face. This is a casual winged eyeliner, but it will still make your eyes look fantastic. No need to go big or go home, a little wing will go a long way.

Reverse Wing

4. Reverse Wing

Once you’ve mastered how to do winged eyeliner the normal way, perhaps you should try doing the opposite. Regular winged eye and cat eye are all about emphasizing your upper lash line. Now it is time to do the reverse and focus on your bottom lash line. With the reverse wing, you will be putting thicker eyeliner underneath your eye than above. This can be a look for a normal winged eye or cat eye, but you will probably get a better result with the cat eye. This look is still bold like the normal eyeliner, but it is bold in a different way. This will be reminiscent of smoky eye makeup. This will give you a look that is dark and sultry. Your eyes will be seductive and sexy for anyone that looks at you. So if you want to impress or attract someone, this is the way to go. If you are partying at night and you have a certain mission in mind, give the reverse wing a try, and you will be saying mission accomplished.

Double Wing

5. Double Wing

It is often said that two is better than one. This can also be said about winged eyeliner. One of the latest and most stylish trends in the eye makeup world is the double winged eyeliner. What the double wing looks like is basically in the name. Instead of one wing, there are two. The way it is done is you make one wing on the upper eyelash line and one on the bottom lash line. You don’t connect them, they are just two cute little wings perched on your eyes. It will help widen your eyes so that they look bigger and have more allure. They will show your makeup skill and make your eyes look unique. You can have some fun with this look, maybe do different types of wings for the top and bottom for some creativity. This will look great for a night at the club when you want to do some makeup that is a little over the top so that you can look your hottest. Wear it at electrifying places where people will appreciate this look. Once you’ve perfected the wing style, you might as well do it again for double the glamour.

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Banana Eye

6. Banana Eye

There are some unique eyeliner trends that might not be your first thought when doing your eyes. However, these winged eyeliner looks will always be cute. One of the more unique winged styles right now is the banana eye. This was a look that was originally popular in the sixties, and is gladly being welcomed back. With the banana eye, you can do eyeliner on the upper lash line like normal., but the main line on the top crease of your eyelid, right below your brow. This will make your eyelid kind of look like a banana, hence the name. This will give yourself a bit of a retro flair and it will show that you like to have some fun. It will bring out your whole eye, including your eyelid so that more of your face stands out. Doing eye makeup on the face will make your routine easier, but it will still look like you put in the effort. Wear this when you want to look your best, as these are not eyelids for doing nothing. Vintage styles are coming back all the time, and they are going above and beyond, quite literally.

Bright Colors

7. Bright Colors

How about having some fun with your eyeliner? Most people stick to the basic black eyeliner in either liquid or pencil. This is a great look, but maybe you want to go a little crazy. This can be done with some bright eyeliner. Eyeliners come in all sorts of other colors, and it is time you test some of them out. You can go with ones that suit your skin tone, match your eyeshadow, or just a color that you love. People will absolutely notice your eyes after this. You can use this eyeliner to create some bold eye makeup looks if you want a wild night. This can be used for any of the winged eyeliner looks listed above to give them edge. You can wear this to an insane party, a nightclub, or it might even work well for a costume. It is also possible the colored eyeliner is just a pop of color for your outfit. You may just be hanging out with friends, but you want to do something special. Makeup should never be boring. Put some color in your life and make your whole face pop.