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4 Wines So Good Your Date Will Have No Idea They’re Under $10

4 Wines So Good Your Date Will Have No Idea They’re Under $10

If you're looking for inexpensive or cheap wine because you don't feel like dropping $50 on a bottle, we're here to help. Here are some white and red wines so good that your date or whoever you're trying to impress will have no idea you got them for less than $10. What a deal!

Who doesn’t love a delicious glass and/or bottle of wine? Whether you love red or white, wine is such a soothing drink that after one sip, you will feel so chill and at ease. I call it a liquid form of relaxation. Wine is a versatile drink that comes in a variety of different flavors, tastes and prices! And if you’ve got a hot date coming up, we’ve compiled a list of wines so good, your date will have no idea you didn’t spend a fortune on them!

It’s a known fact that the best tasting wines are the ones that are aged which also means that they are the most expensive. Who wants to spend $60 on one great bottle of wine when you can go to your local liquor store and get about 4 good bottles for the same price? Unless, you got that type of shmoney to do so or you want to “ball out” and impress your date.

4 Wines So Good Your Date Will Have No Idea They're Under $10


I consider myself to be somewhat of a wine connoisseur and because of this, I have had some pretty great wines and I have spent less than $10 on each of them. These wines are so good that my dates and friends, have thought they costed a lot of money.

So, here are a few wines so good for under $10:

14 Hands Hot to Trot $6.77

This bottle is probably my favorite red blend. It has the perfect combo of sweet and dry taste. One sip of this wine and you more than likely will want to finish it by yourself. It retails for $6.77.


Apothic Dark Red $7.97

This is another red blend that enjoy. It has a smooth oaky taste. It is on the dry side though so if you don’t like dry then this isn’t the bottle for you. Retail price is $7.97.



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Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling $6.27

A crisp and mildly sweet Riesling with a slight peach taste to it. It’s one of those wines so good that it can sneak up on you so drink responsibly. It retails at $6.27.


Eppa Sangria White Suprafruta $8.97

Now this technically isn’t a “wine” but it is in the wine family. This white sangria is beyond delicious. It’s not overly sweet like most sangrias either. Retail price for this is $8.97.



Have you tried any of the wines so good listed? What are some of your favorite wines for under $10?