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Will There Be An Instagram Story Screenshot Notification?

Will There Be An Instagram Story Screenshot Notification?

There is a rumor that Instagram will be introducing a new feature, where there will be in an Instagram story screenshot notification if someone screenshots your story. Instagram is slowly taking over Snapchat's capabilities... let's just hope this new update will be better than Snapchats.

With the new Snapchat update completely disappointing its audience, more people are switching to Instagram stories.  While Instagram may not have as great of a messaging system as Snapchat, what it is really lacking is an Instagram story screenshot notification.  Don’t you want to know who’s screenshotting and saving your stories?

Well, you may be in luck!  Rumor has it that Instagram is beta testing a program within the app that will notify you when someone is creeping on your story.  Previously, Instagram had notifications for when someone screenshot direct messages, just like Snapchat.  Now, when someone screenshots your story, you will get a notification by way of a little shutter icon that will appear next to their name where you view who has seen your story.

The addition of this new screenshot notification feature has its pros and cons.  While it’s great that we can finally see who is hoarding our stories, we can no longer lurk.  We can’t stalk people without them knowing, while Snapchat made sure everyone knew when you were creeping.  Without notifications, you could screenshot people’s stories and gossip or laugh about them later.  Now, everyone is going to be sus about who is screenshotting who’s stories, and for what reason.  Instagram stalking is going to be a lot harder.

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While this new Instagram story screenshot notification may just be a test, we are hoping that it is here to stay.  Instagram stories only last 24 hours, and when someone screenshots them they suddenly exist forever… it would be great if we could keep track of who has screenshots of our stories! Hopefully this feature is here to stay.

Hoping the new Instagram update will be thousands of times better than the Snapchat update?? Us too…

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