Will Masks Become A Fashion Accessory?

During the past few months, a majority of people have had experience with wearing masks out in public as they went throughout their day-to-day activities. Now that the number of coronavirus cases has finally started to decrease, more people are starting to relax and some have stopped wearing their masks altogether. While some might hold onto their masks or buy more and use them fashion accessories, a majority of people will ditch them completely and never go back.

Here are some reasons why people will be leaving their masks behind.

1. They are painful

As a general rule, masks cause discomfort for the person wearing it. Whether the soreness is limited to the back of someone’s ears or their face, the discomfort alone is enough to discourage many people from wearing these more than required. Most people resort to wearing their masks improperly to relieve the sore spots which in turn makes the mask ineffective at its job.

2. Breathing is difficult

The reason why masks are effective during times like a pandemic is that they limit the spread of germs from one person to another. Masks are most effective when they are customized for an individual so they have a thick enough filter and layer to prevent themselves from inhaling anything airborne. As a result, it is difficult to breathe properly and effectively with a barrier over your mouth and nose.


Will Masks Become A Fashion Accessory?

3. It’s hard to talk

If two people, both wearing masks, are trying to have a conversation with one of another, they will either have to get closer to hear each other or talk much louder than usual. By standing physically closer or leaning in, the purpose of the masks is partially defeated. People wear masks for a reason. Specifically, during the pandemic, everyone wore them to protect themselves and others and all tried to stay roughly six feet away from others as much as possible. Closing the physical space allows for germs and more to be swapped with others. Additionally, no one wants to listen to two people talking loudly at one another in the toilet paper aisle.

4. They get moist

If you are going to the grocery store for a big trip, or to multiple locations in a short period of time and plan to wear your mask, it is going to get wet. As soon as they become damp, they need to air dry out properly. The mask will not get the chance to dry out until it has had time away from your face. It makes breathing more difficult as a result.

Will Face Masks Become Fashion Accessories?


5. Glasses fog easily

Not many could go to the eye doctor during this time, so if you were a usual glasses person or someone who had to start wearing them to help your contacts last longer, you definitely inexperienced this frustration on multiple occasions. Most of us resort to walking around stores, not being able to fully see everything because we would rather sacrifice perfect vision instead of our glasses fogging up with our own breath.

6. You breathe in old air

We all remember from our younger years that we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Your masks prevents you from inhaling the freshest, most oxygenated air that you can. As a result, some people have passed out or had other health-related issues due to wearing their masks for too long. This was not the case for everyone, but it is a real risk that we took by choosing to wear a mask.

Will Masks Become A Fashion Accessory?

7. Facial expressions are hidden

While we can communicate with words and tone, facial expressions are a key component of communication between people. When wearing masks, we forget those simple facial expressions we used to say thank you or acknowledge others throughout the day are hidden by our masks. 


8. They have to be washed

Like any other article of clothing you would usually wear, masks need to be thrown out or washed after each use to prevent the spread of germs or diseases. Unlike a t-shirt that you might wear a second time because masks are pressed against your mouth and nose, they have to be laundered and cleaned for your personal safety and well-being.

Will Face Masks Become A Fashion Accessory?

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9. They have germs

Masks are a barrier between your germs to others, and others’ germs to you, so of course they will have these germs on either side of the mask. Unless you can remember which side was which, you are better off tossing your mask in the washing machine before breaking it out again. It is better to air on the side of caution!


10. They ruin your makeup

While some people choose not to wear any makeup at all underneath their masks, others choose to wear a full face. Since masks are pressed against your face while wearing them, makeup rubs off onto them and can ruin all the time and effort you spent earlier in the day perfecting your look. There is always the potential that makeup will end up in areas that you did not want it and that your lipstick or foundation can stain your mask.

Will Masks Become A Fashion Accessory?

11. They cause breakouts

This is the case whether you work in healthcare or are a regular person trying to protect themselves from others. Because of the constant contact against your face, breathing in your own air and extended wear, your skin can react negatively. Even if you skip the makeup in an attempt to give your skin a chance to be happy, the chances are still high that you might have a pimple or two if your skin is sensitive. Make sure you use a fresh mask daily to lessen your chances of a breakout!

12. They aren’t always useful

They have practical purposes, but if people are not required to wear masks, many choose to not wear them because it is easier and more freeing! If you have been wearing your mask for some time, you might unhook an earloop so you can finally breathe fresh air. No matter your reason for wearing them, sometimes they can prevent you ability to breathe well or accomplish the tasks you are trying to complete. Wearing a mask while going on a run while only cause you more harm than good. However, be respectful of businesses and facilities that ask you to wear masks for your own safety and others!


Will Masks Become A Fashion Accessory?

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