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20 Wild Wishes You Should Have On Your Bucket List

20 Wild Wishes You Should Have On Your Bucket List

Look, we all know that we’ll have to die someday, somehow, and someway. It’s unfortunate, it sucks, but hey, it’s all a part of life.

While we can’t avoid the inevitable end we all face, we do still have control of how we live the rest of our lives the best way we can. Why not go all out and live our lives to the fullest?

Many people come up with a bucket list of different goals, dreams and interesting things they’d like to achieve and live out before they pass away. Things that are anything from simple, lifelong quests to thrilling, daring and extreme activities for the experience of a lifetime.r


Everybody has their own things they desire to do with their lives, but if you’re looking for some hair-raising excitement, here’s 20 of the wildest wishes that you should have on your bucket list!

1. Sky Diving

One of the wildest things you can do is sky dive from thousands of feet above ground. Many of us are afraid of heights, but this is a great fear-facing activity that should make its way onto your bucket list!


2. Scuba Diving

From diving out of the clouds to diving off of a boat, scuba diving is another wild wish you should have on your bucket list. Explore the surface of the ocean like never before and use a waterproof camera to capture memorable photos, or just see the sights for yourself!

3. Race In A Real Race Car

Everybody has a wish deep down to race their cars, and although nobody chooses to accept your challenge at the stop light, you can still fulfill your racing dreams by going to any select NASCAR speedways and really put the pedal to the metal!

4. Hike A Mountain

Many things on your bucket list should involve adventuring this “small” world we live in, and an exciting challenge you should take on before your time comes is hiking to the top of a mountain. Just imagine the view up there!


5. Travel Internationally

It may not be that wild of a wish, but if there’s anything that is mandatory to have on your bucket list, it’s traveling internationally. See with your own eyes the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the holy palaces of Rome, statues of the Gods in Greece and iconic tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower in France, or choose any of the nearly two hundred other countries to explore!

6. Swim With The Sharks

The vast majority of us probably had a great fear of being eaten by a shark when we were younger, but before you die, you should try swimming with them at least one time, just to be able to brag to everybody about how brave you are!


7. Fly In A Hot Air Balloon

Take sight seeing to all new heights and try flying in a hot air balloon someday. Hot air balloons are amazing displays of art and offer breath taking views of the world you’ll never forget!

8. Bungee Jump

Challenge your fear of heights some more by adding bungee jumping to your bucket list. Much like sky diving, you’ll be so surprised at just how much you enjoy the thrill of free falling!

9. Run With The Bulls

One of the wildest, most dangerous activities at one of the world’s most festivals is a wild wish you should add to your bucket list. Join thousands in Spain in an annual running of the bulls and see how long you can last on the course!


10. Try Surfing/Snowboarding

Whether you have exceptional balance or need a little bit of work, both surfing and snowboarding are each wild things you could and should try at least once in your lifetime. Hit the big wave or soar downhill and have the time of your life!

11. Visit The North/South Pole

If you’ve ever been curious to see what the very top or bottom of the Earth looks like, make an expedition to the north and/or south pole a wish on your bucket list!


And when you get back, please tell me how cool Santa’s house is.

12. Travel Through A Desert

There might not be a whole lot to see, and there will be a whole lot of heat, but camel-backing across miles of desert terrain would be a pretty cool thing to say you did once, wouldn’t it? Add this to your bucket list, too! 

13. Explore A Rain Forest

By the time your done checking your dry desert voyage off your list, you’re probably going to want to chug some water and be somewhere a lot more, oh I don’t know, moist. That’s where a trek through the rain forest makes it on to your bucket list!


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14. Run In A Marathon

Many activities on this list is all about facing your fears and pushing your so called limits, and running a marathon is no exception to that. Challenge yourself to an ultimate test of endurance and, even if you have to walk a good portion of it, being able to say you finished is an amazing accomplishment in anyone’s book!


15. Go To A Rave/Music Concert/Festival

Raves and music concerts and festivals are all very boisterous places, and that might even be a huge understatement. All night long, you’re surrounded shoulder to shoulder by passionate, die hard fans who know every lyric to every song while the DJs and musicians keep the place jumping and rocking from start to finish. If you’re looking to experience some nonstop energy, try attending one of these events someday.

16. Play As A Game Show Contestant

This may seem far fetched, but somebody has to play, right? Why not you!

Many of us have grown up catching glimpses of game shows during dinner time or have watched full episodes with our families and tried yelling our answers to the contestants through the TV. Make it a wish on your bucket list to be the one yelling your answers on stage!


17. Travel Across The Country

This one seems even more simple than traveling the globe, and less fun, but there’s more than a few of you reading this that may have never too far from home before in your lives. Go out, travel to other states, see just how different your neighboring state is, or check out the handful of major cities the United States or wherever you may reside has to offer.

And Vegas, you have to go to Vegas.

18. Try Different Authentic Global Foods

This one is a wild wish if you’re a picky eater, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and there’s a bunch of appetizing platters out there that definitely won’t kill you. Branch out and try some foreign dishes and see how you like them!


19. Camp Out In The Wilderness

At some point in your life, you should consider heading out into the wilderness for a few days, or a week, or maybe a couple, and just live. That’s right, live. Live life in the heart of mother nature and gain a new appreciation for the great outdoors!

20. Become A Millionaire

This ones cheating, I know, because this is probably on your bucket list as well as everyone else’s. But this is a wish most of us dream of living out some day, so it’s only right to add it on there. Make it a goal to work hard and earn enough money to garner millionaire status someday.


Some of these wishes are more wild than others, and a few of these are the wildest things in the world, but the one life we all have is all for being wild and living out on the edge a little. Be bold, conquer your fears and jot down any or all of these wild wishes into your bucket list today!

Which of these bucket list wishes sounds the wildest? Do you have another wild wish on your own bucket list? Comment the adventures you wish to seek out in life below!

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