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15 Wicked Cool Pop Culture Gifts

Pop Culture is a significant part of our lives, and it is everywhere we go. Many stores sell unique and creative pop culture gifts. Here are some wicked cool pop culture gifts to consider buying this year!

1. Pokémon Poke Ball Popcorn Popper

Many people are staying in and watching movies and shows this year more than ever before. Films are sent straight to streaming services or DVDs to buy. So, what better than to pair it with this tasty treat creation. GameStop is selling a couple of different styles of popcorn poppers, and one that catches the eye is the Pokémon Poke Ball Popcorn Popper. This Poke ball is an air popper and easy to use. Just add kernels, plug it in, and let it pop. The top of the Poke ball doubles as a nice popcorn bowl. For the person who loves Pokémon and popcorn, it’s a great gift.

2. Demon Slayer Tamagotchi, Pac Man, & Hello Kitty Tamagotchi’s

Nostalgia mixed with pop culture is here. Bandai has created a new line of Tamagotchi’s based on the 1990’s versions with a twist. The new Tamagotchi’s are pop culture themed. Demon Slayer, Hello Kitty, and Pac Man are some of the new Tamagotchi’s created. The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi comes in two color choices, white or red. The Demon Slayer Tamagotchi’s come in four-characters and colors. Finally, the Pac Man design is in yellow or black. All of the Tamagotchi’s are sold at GameStop and other various retailers online. 

3. Friends Slow Cooker & Triple Slow Cooker

BoxLunch has a series of slow cookers with many well-known characters and themes. One of the series has two different varieties of slow cookers. One is a set of three slow cookers, and the other is a single digital slow cooker all themed for the hit television show Friends. The Friends Digital Slow Cooker is 7 quarts, while the triple set includes three slow cookers, each 2.5-quart size. The set of three slow cookers sit in one vessel but have three separate heat controls, an area to hold serving spoons, and three individual lids. The 2.5-quart slow cookers have removable stoneware making it easy to clean. The Friends theme slow cookers have a recognizable outer design sporting the logo, catchphrases, fountain, and Friends couch. Using these slow cookers for yourself, hosting, or sharing with friends and family, they are sure to be a conversation piece and a great way to keep things cooking! 

4. Loungefly Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Makeup Brush Holder

Loungefly has created an adorable makeup brush holder featuring Baby Yoda from Star Wars The Mandalorian. This little brush set will fit on any desktop or vanity. The brushes have Baby Yoda images on the handles to give them extra flair. There are five brushes included alongside the Baby Yoda brush cup. The cup is a plastic pod shape, and Baby Yoda is peeking out of it. On the top is an opening to hold the brushes. This brush holder is perfect for makeup lovers, Star Wars lovers, and collectors alike. 

5. Tetris Stackable Night Light

The Tetris Stackable Night Light comes with seven tetromino pieces. The LED lights up when the tetrominoes are stacked together, and the lights turn off when disassembled. The light is plugged into a standard outlet and promotes creativity. There are various ways to connect the pieces for a different design each time you want to change the lighting. The Tetris Night Light is a great nostalgic gift for those who love games and love Tetris.

6. HARRY POTTER™ Faux Book Lockbox

Pottery Barn launched a Harry Potter series in 2018 for children and teens, and it is everything you’d expect it to be! As we all know, Harry Potter and its merchandise go far beyond teenagers. Adults also enjoy the series and would love the exclusive furniture and items Pottery Barn has to offer. The Faux Book Lockbox resembles a bunch of weathered books stacked side by side. However, it is indeed a lockbox. The box can be mounted on a wall or stored on a desk. The box opens with a turn of a key to reveal your most treasured items. It is a great decorative piece and works for book lovers as well as Harry Potter fans.

7. FNAF Clue Game

Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF) is a video game that has taken the world by storm, one jump scare at a time. FNAF has an extensive line of clothing, toys, and other collectibles, but it now has jumped into the board game field with Monopoly and Clue. FNAF Clue is a great choice for those who love whodunnits but also love the FNAF series. FNAF Clue takes the players on a journey to discover who killed the security guard. FNAF Clue is a chilling twist to an original game with recognizable characters and weapons featured from the video game. It’s a frightfully fun pop culture gift!

8. Super Mario Bros. Boo Bean Bag Chair

Mario fans will love this small bean bag chair by ThinkGeek. Whether in a dorm, a bedroom, or a game room in their homes. This chair dawns a recognizable boo face and white color from the video game. The bean bag chair sits at 38 inches wide by 28 inches tall and is 38 inches deep. It’s the perfect addition to a gamer’s sanctuary or a child’s room.

9. Villainous Board Game

If you love villains and you love board games, this is the gift for you. Villainous is a strategic board game where you stop your opponent from finishing their designated tasks for their villain of choice. You play cards and choose your moves to hinder your opponent and to help yourself. Villainous starts with Maleficent, Ursula, Captain Hook, Queen Of Hearts, Jafar, and Prince John. However, there are expansion packs for more villains. Wicked to the Core expansion features Dr. Facilier, Hades, and the Evil Queen. The Perfectly Wretched game expansion features Cruella De Vil, Pete, and Mother Gothel. The Evil Comes Prepared expansion includes Scar, Ratigan, and Yzma.

10. Sailor Moon X Colourpop Collection

Colourpop has released a Sailor Moon beauty line, and it is everything one would expect. The packaging is cute and dawns different Sailor Moon and Usagi poses from the hit anime. The bundle includes the Pretty Guardian Palette. The Palette showcases beautiful pastel colors that anyone could wear. There are two blushes, two lip bundles, and two glitter gels included in the collection. The packaging has Luna, Usagi, and Sailor Moon on them. Each blush compact has Luna’s head etched into the powder; it’s just another cute touch to an already desirable bundle. Individual pieces are sold on the Colourpop website as well. Sailor Moon X Colourpop Collection is the perfect gift for Makeup lovers and Sailor Moon fanatics.

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11. Hella 90’s Pop Culture Trivia

This trivia game will test your pop culture knowledge based on the 1990s. There are over 400 questions about technology, shows, fashion, movies, music, and more. This game comes with a 30-second timer and 200 cards to test what you recall. Buffalo Games created a 1990’s playlist available on Spotify. The playlist is “da bomb” for parties and get-togethers. This game is great for 90’s theme events, people who love pop culture, and those who enjoy trivia. So go on and grab your fanny packs and lace up your Air Jordans. It’s time to play the trivia game that is Hella 90’s!

12. The Hamilton Collection Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas Figurine

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite film of many and enjoyed during two holidays, Christmas and Halloween. Becket Griffith is known for her detailed and creative collections of figurines. This Nightmare Before Christmas figurine features an adorable large-eyed fairy holding a doll version of Jack Skellington. The Fairy has pigtails dawning the skeleton head throughout her hair, and she is wearing purple striped tights and a cute spiderweb black dress. Her wings stand out like butterfly wings adorning loads of sparkle. This item would be the perfect gift for collectors of fairies, figurines, and Disney.

13. Mario Drone

Super Mario is a believed video game for all ages. Drones are loved by both adults and children as well. Now, they have combined these two favorites into one; a Mario Drone. The drone comes with a remote control that uses two AAA batteries. The drone charges by USB. Mario dawns a flying cape just like in the video games and has his arms stretched out as if he were gliding. The drone charges for about 30 minutes with five minutes of flying time, leaving more flying time and less time charging than similar drones. The Mario Drone is a fun gift option for children and adult Mario lovers or collectors.

14. 3D Crystal Ball With LED Lights

Pokemon lovers will adore this 3D Crystal Ball. It’s LED lights to bring the ball to life with various colors. The ball has an etched pokemon inside of it. There are many beloved pokemon characters to choose to have in the crystal ball. It is a small size that is perfect for a nightstand or to put on display. The base of the Poke Ball runs on batteries and has several LED lights illuminating the crystal. There are many characters to choose from, including Mewtwo, Charizard, Eevee, and more. The 3D Crystal Ball is perfect for Pokemon fanatics and makes a nice night light as well.

15. Coca Cola Mini-Fridge

The Coca Cola Mini Fridge is a cool addition to any room. The red-colored fridge holds twelve cans of soda. An old fashion silver coke bottle catches the eye and makes it a statement piece for dorm rooms, offices, and other rooms as well. The fridge plugs into a household outlet or a cigarette lighter outlet to keep drinks cool on the go. A small groove on the top of the cooler makes for easy transportation. The Coca Cola Mini-Fridge is a cool treat.

Which pop culture gift do you think is the best? What gift would you like to receive or give to someone and why? Let us know below!

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