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Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

Opening yourself up to someone new can be difficult but good in the end. Here's why you shouldn't play hard-to-get with someone.

Are those warm and fuzzy feelings starting to creep up on you? Developing feelings for someone new can be scary at first, but it’s important to not push these feelings away without thinking them through and pursuing them.  Dive into the unknown and take chances…the outcome could be magical.  Here’s why you shouldn’t play hard-to-get with your crush.

Fear Could Get In The Way

Believe it or not, sometimes fear is a stronger emotion than affection.  and most of the time fear will tell you to run the other way and play hard-to-get.  Falling for someone is scary and the thought of getting hurt in the process can be terrifying, however, thinking this way is not only pessimistic, but also can be detrimental to your future.  Breathe.  Instead of thinking of how this new adventure could go wrong, think of all of the ways it could go right and possibly develop into something great.  A positive mind is a much happier mind.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

Building Up Walls Isn’t Healthy

Guarding your heart is completely normal to a certain extent.  If you’ve been hurt before, naturally you begin to build up walls to protect yourself from feeling that way ever again.  But be careful with this behavior.  Building walls that become higher and higher can stop you from experiencing things that could make you believe in love again and help to heal you.  Be open-minded and open-hearted in order to begin to break down those walls as opposed to running away from emotions and playing hard-to-get.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Is A Good Thing

I once was told that your comfort zone could kill you.  A bit dramatic, but true in so many aspects of life…including catching feelings for someone and falling in love.  Staying in a comfortable bubble and only doing things and feeling emotions that you feel comfortable with is not a way you will ever make progress in life.  Do things that scare you.  Do things that make your pulse race.  You can only grow from experiences like this in the long run.  So if falling for someone isn’t something you’re comfortable with, I say give it a shot and dive in.  You will only learn from the experience and grow as a person if it doesn’t work out.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

The Unknown Can Lead To Something Magical

Oh, how scary the great unknown can be at times… but if you spend your whole life being afraid of what could come next, you’ll be stuck.  I like to tell myself not to leave room for what-if’s and what could have been’s because it is better to dive into new feelings for someone and see where they can lead you than to be stuck in one place and feel scared of the unknown.  If you have feelings for your crush, pursue them because they could lead you somewhere very magical someday.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

He Could Be Waiting For A Sign

Most of the time, you aren’t alone if you feel scared to make the first move or be the first one to express feelings you may be having.  If you both playing hard-to-get and are waiting for the other person to be the first to express themselves, you could find yourself at a stalemate.  These type of mind tricks and games could have you stuck in a limbo with your crush for so long, that the end will come before anything ever even had the chance to begin.  Most guys even find it sexy when their crush is the first to make a move or express how they are feeling.  Take that jump, don’t play hard-to-get.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get With Your Crush

Everything Deserves A Fair Chance

If there is even a glimpse of feelings beginning to develop, they deserve a fair chance to be pursued.  You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to fall in love because you are trying to play hard-to-get with your crush.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and stopped trying to play hard-to-get with a crush? Tell us how it turned out in the comments below!
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