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Why you Should try Peloton

Why you Should try Peloton

In today’s world, there are significant fitness apps to try. An excessive amount of fad trends and resources for fitness are at your fingertips. You could go onto YouTube and find a bar class or go to the App Store to search fitness and probably be shown hundreds of fitness apps. But in my opinion, there’s one that stands out. I am completely and utterly obsessed with the one Peloton app. It’s fantastic! With so many workouts to choose from and so many options for equipment, it can be the most straightforward workout to complete. You don’t necessarily need all the fancy equipment, but it doesn’t make it much more fun. They offer a spin bike, a treadmill, and soon a rowing machine for the equipment. You can also buy weights from their website or resistance bands. They have diverse classes and instructors to choose from, making every workout experience different. I also love that the Peloton offers live classes. You are genuinely creating this fitness platform as a community. I am confident that you will fall in love with your one Peloton app.

1. Variety of Workouts

indeed there is something for everyone on this app. If you have some of their machine equipment, you can certainly hop on your bike or step onto your treadmill and take a class immediately. Or, if you have your treadmill at home or belong to a gym to use a spin bike, you can also take any of these classes. Use the app and select the style that you would like to do press play, and you can stream this class from your phone, tablet computer, or even connected to your television to create a complete experience. The app offers intense HIIT running classes to sleep and meditation classes. They offer other courses such as Pilates, barre, cycling, running, walking, run walks, boxing, yoga boot camp styled classes, Hiit classes, and even outdoor classes. You can find a little class description before clicking on the class you want to take this can include what music will be playing, the type of equipment you will need, and a rating to see how difficult this class is and how many people will be enjoyed this class. So you can set yourself up right before you hit that play button and get your sweat on with all the equipment that you will need without feeling like you have to run to grab another dumbbell in pause your workout in the middle of it. You can be ready and ready to go before you hit play and enjoy the rest of your training. And with so many different styled activities to choose from, you will truly never get bored. One day you might want to go for something a little more intense and hotter and do one of their boot camp style classes, which is a mix of strength training and cardio, so you get that whole workout experience. And another day, you might wake up feeling sore, but your body may still be craving movement, and this could be a perfect time to take one of their stretching or yoga classes. They offer everything from a 5-minute warm-up before your cycling class to a 10-minute cool-down after your run. The Peloton focuses on taking care of your entire body through this platform. And with so many courses to choose from, you’ll never plateau or get bored, making sure you stick with your workout regimen. Having a variety of workouts to choose from is so essential for you; this is precisely why you should try the Peloton app.
2. Different trainers

Let’s be honest; we’ve all taken a workout class and have strictly not enjoyed it because of your trainer. We all have different preferences regarding music and motivation that we like to hear throughout our workouts. With over 50 instructors to choose from, I guarantee you will find a trainer for you. They even have trainers who speak different languages so you can take a class not just in English if that’s your preference, with German and Spanish to choose from. You will also find that specific instructor have other platelets, and sometimes that’s told in the title of the class; for example, if you were to do a 30-minute country run or a 45-minute EDM run, or an 80s spin class, you would find that your music taste is in the Peloton app. You will be able to test out all these different instructors differently. Some teach strength. Some teach yoga. Some might do multiple other workout classes. You may find three that you like, and then you might want to try a new instructor, but you may not want to try this instructor first, let’s say a 45-minute class, so take a 5-minute warm-up with them or 10-minute stretch with them and get a taste and see what they’re all about. You will find all these instructors extremely motivational and get to choose them along the way to build a perfect workout tailored to you.

3. Time

I’m sure we’ve all been there on days where we really wanted to get that workout in but simply could never find the time, or maybe we procrastinated, and our window that we wanted to work out in disappeared. But with the pallet on the app, there really can be no excuses. Because they have so many different classes to choose from, maybe if it’s at the end of your day, you’re adding three-level is down, and perhaps you don’t take that running class, but instead, you get in a 20-minute walk. You still created the time to find what was best for your body that day and got something in. With the peloton app, you will find that they have as short as five-minute classes to some 90-minute classes. Some days are busier than others, and we might want that 10-minute movement because we don’t have the time but still want to do something good for ourselves. Often we can find 10 or 15 minutes in our day to get a little spike of endorphins. And this is so important because it can change your mood. And you still get that great feeling of a workout and maybe a limited amount of time. Peloton app is excellent, especially for fitting working out into your schedule.

4. Community

The app fosters community. Allowing for you to have a profile and be able to follow people. You can also hide five people while you’re working out to get that feeling of a workout class still. And still sends energy from others. You can also take live rides with instructors and fellow community members. Which will allow for that in-person workout class vibe. I find that this is unique to the peloton app and can be highly encouraging and motivational. My favorite part of these live classes is that instructors give shout-outs when you hit that significant milestone that you’ve been working so hard for that you can prove to yourself that you can stick to a good workout plan. They will shout out people’s milestones throughout classes, and you feel seen and get that extra encouragement. I think that you should try the Peloton app because of the fantastic community.

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I think that you will fall in love with everything the Peloton app offers you along your fitness journey.