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Why You Should Take Up Yoga

Why You Should Take Up Yoga

Yoga is one of those things that everyone wants to give a try (or at least secretly does) but either haven’t quite got the time for it or don’t know how they would go about getting into yoga but it doesn’t need to be a task, with these 5 tips on why you should take up yoga you’ll be a yogi master in no time.

1. You Will Improve Your Flexibility

When you first start yoga it can be pretty tough watching your instructor and the rest of the class nail what looks like a fairly easy pose when you’re struggling, hoping you look at least a little something like the rest of the group but trust me, it does get easier! It may be a bit more of a challenge for the first few weeks but if you stick it out, you’ll see yourself come on leaps and bounds, becoming more flexible than you thought you could.

Why You Should Take Up Yoga

2. That Feeling of Accomplishment

Once you do get into the flow of yoga after having you’ve done it for a little while, you will feel such a great sense of accomplishment every time you nail a pose or stretch that you previously struggled with. Even keeping your balance when you see others wobbling makes you feel pretty great about yourself and I know, I know, it’s not a competition but that feeling of pride and accomplishment you feel when you know you’re getting good at something you once struggled with is almost addictive.

Why You Should Take Up Yoga

3. It Burns More Calories Than You’d Think

Yoga surprisingly burns more calories than you might think it would, in a 1 hour session of beginners yoga you can burn an average of around 200 calories and better yet, you won’t even break a sweat! For what doesn’t feel like a hard pressed work out, you sure will see the results if you keep at it and who knows, if you advance from beginners yoga the numbers can only go up!

Why You Should Take Up Yoga

4. It’s Very Relaxing

 Yoga was originally meant for more than just exercise but also as a spiritual and meditative exercise. As yoga is an exercise that incorporates meditation, it’s actually a great way to relax and have a bit of wind down time to yourself. Soon you will find yourself incorporating a little bit of meditation into your every day life which can have loads of wonderful benefits such as reducing stress, improving your sleep, controlling anxiety, and enhancing your self-awareness. This can be done either in yoga classes or you can practice yourself at home for 10 minutes or so, which brings us to the next reason why you should take up yoga…

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Why You Should Take Up Yoga

5. You Can Teach Yourself Yoga From Home

Sometimes classes can be a little expensive, especially depending on where you live and not everyone loves the idea of being in a room full of people when it’s you’re first time but don’t worry because you don’t need any sort of gym membership or to even go along to any sort of classes if you don’t want to. You can teach yourself yoga from the comfort of your own home by watching YouTube videos, there are thousands of  free beginner yoga videos to follow online and even if you feel like you’re past beginners yoga, there are still loads of free videos online for you to follow, so now there’s really no excuses.

Why You Should Take Up Yoga

Did any of these convince you to give yoga a try? What else do you love about yoga that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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