Why You Should Stay Single In Houston

There's no need to bother going to singles events to meet a date. Here's 10 reasons why you should stay single in Houston!

It won’t take a rocket scientist to help you decide whether to remain single in any part of the country. However, what I realize is making excellent choices means giving yourself an opportunity to experience whatever “it” is that you desire. Do you want to know something comical? For some of us, you know, the loss wandering relational souls out there of sorts, it’s difficult to manage school, work, a somewhat productive social life, and a relationship mind you without defying the laws of gravity. You know the good ole’ gravity metric, what goes up must come down, right? Living in a great city such as Houston, a woman should have options. The nightlife itself is filled with music, laughter, enjoyment, food and plenty of potential relational candidates. If that being the case, why would one stay single in “H” town? The city which has so much to offer from intellectual conversations to praising the Lord on Sunday mornings. Here are my top ten tips for why you should stay single in Houston!

Number ten: You’re a serial player.

Let’s be real. You’re just not ready to be in a faithful relationship! And guess what else, neither are some of the candidates you are choosing. Not everyone would like to be a part of a human assembly line. Speaking of a human assembly line, you may think they are unaware of their position in your life. Most people know when they are being played. For some, they may not want to admit it to themselves. However, if you’re not ready for “the” one and you desire “a” one, then stay single in Houston. Hey now.

Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Number nine: Nasa, we have an issue!

That is, you have intimacy issues! Intimacy becomes an issue when you notice the constant need to RUN in the other direction when someone special becomes close to you and your fragile little bitty heart. Awwwww. Have you noticed that you began to distance yourself from potentially finding or having the love of your life. Generally speaking, it may be because of a past relationship catastrophe. Well Buttercup, if you are not ready, then you are just not ready. And unless you will address the “whys” and “how comes” of intimacy, its best to stay single in Houston.

Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Number eight: What? Are you still finding yourself?

At this point in the game of staying single in Houston, my question for you is, do you remember where you last saw yourself? Which street where you dropped off? And why don’t you use the location app., on your phone since you are still looking for yourself? When you are not ready to commit to whatever reasoning’s that you tell yourself, making up excuses for why that great guy or girl was not significant for you becomes an easy opportunity to avoid commitment. Yeah, there’s that word again. Commitment is fierce when you are unsure of who you are and what you want. That’s why when your GPS cannot help you locate yourself. Then you know what to say… it’s best to stay single in Houston.

Number seven: You’ve become the infamous cat-lady. OMG!

I get it, you are in school and trying to graduate. You don’t get out into the city to at least experience the culture in which it should offer. Like so many animal lovers, I too, have my favorite pet. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that your dates are packed with conversations of your cat? Coupled with your responsibilities get out and explore life. You can do both, love your cat and have a social experience. It’s all about perspective. Keep a smile on your face and increase your human contact. If you are finding more comfort in the closeness of your cat over human interactions, then you know what to do. You’ve got it! Stay single in Houston.

Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Number Six: You have a plan filled with an abundance of goals.

Ambition is an excellent way to keep a person focused on priorities. Ambition drives desirable behaviors and outstanding outcomes. Having goals should not interfere with getting out and mingling a little bit. When your drive is on steroids, and you know what is vital for you to achieve your goals, stay single in Houston until you are ready.

Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Number five: You are not afraid to have standards.

Number five is simple. You have standards, and you are not afraid to use them. Many people are left feeling depleted and broken-hearted, namely because they dropped those elements which made them unique. They lowered their guard to the wrong person. They made the mistake of dating a person with evil intentions and behaviors. To have standards take strength. When you are upholding your rules, think of it as you are a creature of expectations, dedication to excellent mental and physical health practices. For someone to enter your space means they know how to treat you, what makes you smile, how to create happiness when you’re together, and they understand how to respect you under ALL circumstances. If you lose your standards, guess what? Stay single in Houston.

Number four: You care too much about the opinions of others.

Get over it already, geese! I think it necessary to realize that sometimes in life where there is the need to reconnect with your inner child. That part of you that laughed smiled for no reason, who danced and sang out loud while enticing your friends to join in. Somewhere along the line, experiences have taught to value responsibility for self-worth [that’s another subject within itself], to forget having a little fun over fights and reconnecting with the real passions which once brought joy and happiness to your life. When you overlook that particular element, which makes you unique on behalf of the opinions of others, you lose yourself. If you “secretly” would like to date outside of your race, guess what, it’s okay. If you are petrified of what your friends and family would think… Then stay single in Houston.

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Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Number three: You’re already in a long-distance relationship.

I love that you are in a different city attending school, or you’ve accepted a new job position, and you’ve decided that your relationship back home is worth more than being alone. I commend you and your tenacity to still believe in love. Stay single while in Houston. I’ll be right here cheering you on.

Number two: Can’t let go of the little black book.

What? Are those still around? Better yet is the little black book even an option. Not cool? All things considered when you think of how far technology has come why would anyone want to keep physical evidence of their conquest? Any hue, I hope that gave you a little laugh. In all seriousness, trade in the little black book of infinite numbers for the black book of stock options? Create that new business venture or write that book you’ve never gotten around to finishing. If you still feel the need to get notches under your belt versus-investing in your future, stay single in Houston.

Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Number one: You’re just not ready for a relationship!

Don't bother dating when you can be single in houston.

Are you single in Houston? Let us know what the night life is like and leave a comment below!
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