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Why You Should Really Be Using Glossier’s Cloud Paint

Glossier is a brand that we’ve all come to know and love over the past few years but because it’s only available online and not yet in stores, sometimes we can feel a little skeptical about buying some of their makeup products, especially ones you’re not familiar with such as a cream blush like their Cloud Paint! Well after reading this, you’ll be adding one to your shopping cart in minutes. Here is why you should really be using Glossier’s Cloud Paint. 

1. The Packaging

Glossier’s Cloud Paint comes in a cute tube not unlike an actual tube of paint and although you only get 10ml of product per tube, those 10ml really go a long way! If you’ve never used a liquid blush before then it may seem daunting at first trying to squeeze the right amount out but fear not, just a small pinch at the end of the tube should do it for you (and I emphasize a small pinch because a little drop of this stuff is all you need). Normally, I would think a pump would be better on products like this but because you only need such a small drop, I think the screw cap works as I think a pump would give you too much product and most would end up going to waste. 

2. The Formula

This is a liquid blush like no other that I’ve tried, Cloud Paint really lives up to its name as it blends like paint but is as light as a cloud. Despite being a liquid blusher, Cloud Paint is also quite creamy which means it looks so natural once blended into the skin and can we talk about the pigmentation for a second? Most super pigmented products scare me a little as I find it easier to mess them up however, while the pigment on this is amazing and you do only need a little drop to do you, this also won’t look ridiculous if you apply a little too much and I’ve found that by patting a beauty blender that you’ve used to blend concealer over the excess blush will still leave a beautiful result and leave the skin looking supernatural again. 

3. The Application

Cloud Paint applies so lovely and blends so smoothly. Glossier does recommend using your fingers to apply all of their products and Cloud Paint is no different, with the packaging telling you “For best results, apply with fingertips—gently squeeze a tiny dot onto finger and blend into skin”, however, I found that the easiest way to apply this blush, especially for those new to a liquid blush, is by squeezing a small drop on the back of your hand and using a powder blush brush and dabbing it into the product as if it were paint and applying to the cheek area by lightly patting onto the face and any other areas you want a little colour. 

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4. The Look

Once you’re finished your makeup, Cloud Paint will leave you looking naturally blushed and with a gorgeously subtle dewy glow. Cloud Paint can really pull any look together or just be a great topper on a natural makeup day. It comes in six shades ranging from a light pink to a deep berry, working for most if not all skin tones and colours also look great when mixed together as well. After being a powder blush girl all my life until trying these bad boys, I personally would never look back and wouldn’t even bother to try and look for another liquid blush again. 

Have you tried Glossier’s Cloud Paint? Are you going to now? Let us know in the comments!

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Rebecca Nisbet

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