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Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal

Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal

Travel journals are so important when it comes to documenting your trip!Keeping a travel journal is a great way to remember everything you've done and seen!

Why should you keep a travel journal? It is a question that may trouble your mind when you read the title.

1. Decorating it is part of the fun.

But when you choose the perfect design for it, the perfect pens and markers, fun enters. For me, keeping a journal for everything has become a habit, or maybe a reason for people to stare at me when I go to the library and carry four journals with me, just to keep up with what I have to do. Friendly tip: do NOT start doing that! Journals are heavy and they take a lot of time to personalize them, which many people do not have. However, a travel journal is a must for we who love travelling. My schedule might be full, but when I open that special journal, everything goes away!


2. It helps you remember your trip (over and over again.)

First of all, when you decide to travel, you have the need to remember all the things you did in this foreign land. Because when you return home and have to start your boring and demanding routine again, having something that will remind you of a vacation trip or a crazy adventure, is what will get you to keep going. Secondly, when you write in your travel journal, whether you do it at the time of your trip or after your go back home, you relive it. A very good friend of mine has told me that you experience a travel three times; one; when you plan it, two; while you are physically there and three; when you return from it and you see the pictures you took, the crazy videos, the romantic postcards etc. That is the reason why you need to keep a travel journal. You can relive your trip while drinking coffee in the morning or riding the bus to class.


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3. Personalizing it.

Last but not least, you can personalize a journal so beautifully that even looking at it can make you feel good. In fact, you can search for the perfect travel journal during your travels! It is actually a must-do shopping activity that any trip of mine has in its schedule. I know that it seems like a lot of work, I know that to some it might seem pointless since we have smartphones with great cameras, but when you color the edges, the patterns, even the pictures you might have stuffed in it, the child inside each and one of us comes to the surface and we truly enjoy it. So, give it a try and see where it’ll get you!

Can you think of any more reasons why you should keep a travel journal? Share your thoughts in the comments!
Here's all the reasons as to why you should keep a travel journal
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