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Why You Should Have Hayrides On Your Fall Bucket List

Why You Should Have Hayrides On Your Fall Bucket List

Hayrides may seem a little old fashioned, and that’s because they’re an old-school tradition! So why should you put hayrides on your fall bucket list?

A Nice Break From Campus

Riding on a hayride through the country is an excellent break from your campus. Even if you’re on a pretty rural campus, it can be nice to get out and ride through a farm. The smell of hay, the fresh autumn air, plus the view of the farm animals and the crops! Getting away from your school will provide a much-needed distraction and can help re-invigorate your drive. And what better way to do it than ride through a scenic farm?

Why You Should Have Hayrides On Your Fall Bucket List

Some Scary Fun

A haunted hayride? Count me in! Haunted houses are great, and all, but the added feature of not having to walk through the house and the safety of being in a moving vehicle? Sounds like a great way to have fun with friends, or maybe even a cute guy? Why jump and get comforted by your crush at a scary movie when you can do it on a haunted hayride out in the fresh air? If you’re not really one for scary things, see if you can go when it’s still light out or if you can go to one with reviews that say it’s less frightening. Still better than a haunted house!


Do It For The Gram

As cliche as it is, a photo on a hayride is a pretty darn cute Instagram photo! Get your friends together and don your cutest flannels and puffy vests and snap a cute pic on your hayride. Bonus points if you’re holding apple cider or hot chocolate. Double bonus points if you manage to go the whole night without getting hay tangled into your hair. You’ll also have a photo or two to send home to your parents to prove to them that, yes, you’re doing okay and, yes, you’re having fun. And yes, you do things other than study.

Why You Should Have Hayrides On Your Fall Bucket List

The Fun At The End Of The Ride

A lot of times at the end of a hayride, you get to pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch or find your way through a corn maze. As much fun as it is to ride in the back of a truck filled with hay, what’s waiting for you at the end of the ride might be even better! Perhaps you can even find a hayride near you that ends with a bonfire. Now that’s a cute date! You might also find that there’s a petting zoo, and what better stress relief is there than feeding some cute little farm animals?

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Even if you didn’t go on one as a kid, there’s something nostalgic about a good old hayride. The smell of hay will remind you of petting farms, and if you’re lucky there could actually be animals for you to pet on the farm! You may feel a little silly picking out a pumpkin or riding in the back of the truck, but that childlike fun can also be pretty good for you! Especially right before midterms, am I right? 

A Hayride Is The Perfect Thing To Get You Into The Fall Mood

Again: the fall air, the smell of hay, the pumpkins, the cider! What says “autumn” more than a visit to the farm? Especially if you dress the part and partake in all the fun festivities? If summer’s been dragging on well into October, a great way to get into the fall spirit is to do something stereotypically fall. The perfect choice? A hayride.

Why You Should Have Hayrides On Your Fall Bucket List

What do you think, did we convince you? Let us know if you’re adding hayrides to your fall bucket list!  

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