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Why You Should Get Away From Home For College

Why You Should Get Away From Home For College

This is some of the best advice I can give to anyone of you going into college next year:

Get away from home!

Not just out of your city. Not just out of your county. Get all the way out of your state. Get on out of there.

There’s plenty of reason you should get away from home for college, and I’ll help you see just why this is the right thing to do. The biggest reasons you should get out of town for school are to


Explore new cities, towns, regions even. Fly across the country or road trip across state lines. Introduce yourself to a new community. Let that community introduce themselves and welcome you to it. See new sights, meet new people! Getting away from home for school can give you a new appreciation and perspective of the world around you, and can show you just how big the world really is.

That’s what college is all about. Creating new relationships with new people from around the country and all over the globe, building bonds with other students entering a new phase in their lives, too.

Staying in your hometown or near home for college keeps you from seeing all of these new places. It doesn’t allow you to

Why You Should Get Away From Home For College

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Staying home doesn’t allow you to branch out and really explore life. This is your first chance as an adult to be out in the world on your own. Getting away from home will allow you to be in an environment that tests everything you’ve learned growing up. It puts you in a position to apply life lessons in a place where nobody knows you, and where you’re a stranger as well.

It sounds terrifying. The thought of being somewhere with no familiar faces, in an unexplored area. As frightening as it may be at first, this is a great transition into the adult life. Being uncomfortable, needing to adjust to different circumstances, and developing the courage and confidence to be out in the real world on your own are much of what it takes to

Become The Person You’re Meant To Be!

Getting away from home, and from your family and friends you’ve known for so long, will give you a chance to find out just who you really are. It will also help you find out all the thing you really like, or what you don’t.

College gives you great opportunities to venture into new interests through clubs that help you unlock your deepest passions and can help you connect easier with fresh faces!

Another great reason to get away from home for college is to finally feel what its like to have


You are your own boss now. You make the rules now. You look after yourself now. You do exactly what you want now, with no parent, sibling or anybody to tell you otherwise. You now have the power. Oh yes, you are finally that independent person you craved to be.

Getting away from home brings you unlimited freedom unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Having this sort of authority over your life now is a great responsibility, and takes time learning how to manage. This too is part of the growth into adulthood.

Why You Should Get Away From Home For College

Being too close to home makes it easier to become home sick, believe it or not. It makes it easier to retreat back to mom and dad when college starts to feel uncomfortable. If you get away from home, you’ll be able to fully

Immerse Yourself Into The College Experience!

Being uncomfortable is perfectly fine. Most college students are when they first start out. But learning how to adapt and adjust to a new setting is a great life skill to have as you enter the next chapter in your life. Being away from home will help you understand that change is tolerable and that change is manageable.

Not being able to go home every weekend or whenever you please keeps you on campus, where you’ll get to embrace to college experience in its entirety on a daily basis. You can make great college memories away from home and meet some awesome people. Sticking around campus and staying in a brand new city will help you make this place your

Home Away From Home!

Learn the ins and outs of your college town. Figure out where everything is located; the grocery store, the movie theater, even the restaurant that makes the best tacos. Go for walks if there are any trials and explore this town’s nature areas. Find out where the cheapest places are to get gas and oil changes if you drive. Map this new city in your head until you know it like the back of your hand. Until you’re as familiar with your college home as your real home.

Enjoy every moment of it. You’ve spent every year of your life at home, and you may spend many years afterwards at home, too. Why not get away from home for these four years and see what else life has to offer? Who knows, you just might love the new change of scenery!

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Why You Should Get Away From Home For College

No matter where you choose to live after college, being away from home for school absolutely

Gives You A Greater Appreciation For Home!

You might miss home while you’re away, but with all the exciting new things to do and try in college, you’ll build a warm relationship with the new community away from home. So warm that going home for the first big time will surely have a different feel. It’s not a scene you get to see everyday the way you were used to, and you’ll have a stronger love and appreciation for it all.

Time with family and friends will be more carefully spent, all the little things about home will stand out again, and all the sights, sounds and smells will bring back the good old days. College can become a great home away from home, but nothing can ever replace the real thing.

If you’re attending college sometime next school year, I advise you to get away from home when you do it.

Leave the state, travel and explore the world.

Get out of your comfort zone, jump into a new community and become accustomed to new customs.

Grow and change into the person you’re meant to be.

Enjoy your newfound freedom, and become one with the student body, the campus, and the new town you’re in.

Make your college town, USA your home away from home, but through all of this, never forget where you came from!

What was your college experience away from home like? Tell your story in the comment section!

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