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Why You Should Drive To Cape Cod For The Best Mini Golf

Why You Should Drive To Cape Cod For The Best Mini Golf

Cape Cod has several mini golf locations to fit your entertainment needs. Drive on down to play in a zoo or pirate's cove and make a day of it!

Cape Cod is the quintessential Massachusetts summer location. For families and couples, mini golf is the ultimate game.  So why have you never considered playing mini golf out on the Cape? We all know that the best mini golf courses are the ones with all the fun decorations. No one likes the plain small ones. The bigger the better, and let me tell you, they go big down on the Cape. You’re about to see why it is sooo worth it to make the trek to the Cape for a couple rounds of mini golf. In no specific order, this article lists some of the best places to go mini golfing in Cape Cod.

1. Skull Island

Located in South Yarmouth, this course brings golfers onto a little island right in Cape Cod.  Waterfalls, mini huts, and of course a giant skull await around the corners of greens. When you’re done with mini golfing they even have a kickball machine, a variation of a batting cage, to help you keep up on your schoolyard skills.


2. Cataumet Crossing

Cataumet Crossing in Cataumet is one of the most unique mini golf choices on the cape.  For instance, they have bumper boats literally right next to the course! So you can stand and watch people hit each other around the water from the safety of the greens.

3. Poit’s Lighthouse Adventure Mini Golf

Located in Eastham, this course keeps the Cape’s nautical feel going as you putt. Three lighthouses stand tall on the green as a river flows through the whole course. One of the best things about Poit is that you get a free replay, so right after your game, you are welcome to start right back up again.


4. Cape Escape

Located in Orleans, Cape Escape boasts the largest adventure mini golf course on the lower cape. Real boats, lots of water features, and a working lighthouse line the greenways. A real cool feature here is the live koi pod that can be fed by hand by customers.

5. Putters Paradise

Putters Paradise in West Yarmouth is a super popular destination for mini golf.  Following a Moby Dick theme, the location can be spotted by the sight of a big white whale. After spotting Captain Ahab, the location gives you a wide range of dessert options including smoothies, ice cream, or frozen yogurt. And they have a coupon on their website!

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6. Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove in South Yarmouth boasts two different 18-hole courses across its location.  With the little elements of the theme all around you, you’ll feel like you’re playing mini golf with pirates. The best part of the course is the waterfall that you can walk under! Don’t forget to take a new instagram picture with your head and hands in the pillory!

7. Wild Animal Lagoon

Wild Animal Lagoon in Yarmouth is like playing mini golf at a zoo.  There’s huge animal sculptures all around, a big pond that goes off into a waterfall, and bright colors everywhere. While you’re there, try to spot all the plane crashes around the property.


8. Arnold’s

Arnold’s in Eastham is actually first and foremost a restaurant! The popular lobster and clam bar just happens to also boast mini golf.  The location has lost of fun holes with waterfalls, bridges, and a pirate ship. Be sure to go with an empty stomach!

Clearly, you have lots of options when it comes to mini golfing on the Cape.  That’s why it’s so worth the drive! You can pick your favorite, head to another to avoid lines, or make a day of golf hopping and no matter where you end up you won’t be disappointed.

What’s your favorite mini golf course on Cape Cod? Let us know below!
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