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Why You Should Definitely Host A BBQ This Fall

Why You Should Definitely Host A BBQ This Fall

Host A BBQ, Why You Should Definitely Host A BBQ This Fall

Bust out the grill, the chef hat, and your favorite tunes because its time to host a BBQ! Whether it’s a small gathering or an absolute banging BBQ, we’ll have you 100% convinced that you should definitely host a BBQ this fall after reading this…

1. Merge friend groups

We’ve all been there, you’ve got that group of friends from high school, a different group from college, and a different group from whatever miscellaneous club you joined and you’ve been hanging out with them separately for quite some time now. This is the perfect opportunity to merge those friend groups and finally introduce them to each other after countless stories of each other! Maybe it’s not friend groups, maybe it’s just individual friends that for years you’ve been saying, “OMG you would love my friend Emily, she’s just like you!” It could be a disaster and you realize they haven’t met all this time for a reason… but I can almost guarantee that you’ll be glad you organized this whole shindig!

Why You Should Definitely Host A BBQ This Fall

2. Introduce your friends to your family

You’ve been telling you’re parents about your best friend Eric, and you’ve been telling Eric how quirky and hilarious your parents are for 3 years now and you’re dying for them to meet. What better place for this than a BBQ! I recommend not having a massive throwdown for this one, because we all have friends that we probably don’t want our parents to meet, but totally up to you! This finally gives them a chance to put a face with some names. The whole night might be filled with your parents giving your friends prime material to make fun of you, like that time you wet the bed when you were maybe a bit passed the acceptable age… Either way, it will make for a great night and different perspectives on a conversation having your parents around!

Why You Should Definitely Host A BBQ This Fall

3. Be the host for the day/night

If you’re like me, you love attending big dinners because you get to see the people you love and you’re always grateful that the host put it all together, BUT you’ve never hosted anything yourself. Well, it’s your time now! Grab your favorite apron and get grilling and be prepared for an entire night of compliments (hopefully). “Wow thank you so much for organizing this, I had so much fun!”, “These burgers are amazing thank you so much!”, “Who knew you could cook! *entire party laughs*”. Whatever it may be, you’re the man/woman of the hour and it has never felt better. People will be coming to you all night thanking you and having a good time and all you’ll want to do is praise yourself and marvel at what you’ve done. Now the only thing to hope for is that a few people stick around for the clean-up…

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Why You Should Definitely Host A BBQ This Fall

4. Start a tradition

So the night has come to an end. Your friends and/or family have had an amazing night, and you can tell because all their plates are licked clean and there are smiles all across the board. It was a lot of work no doubt, but then someone says, “We should do this again next year!” At first, the thought scares you because of how much work it took to not only organize a date that worked for everyone but cook enough food to satisfy everyone. But then you think of the tradition you could start just like that. Maybe 30 years down the road you’ll be serving burgers and hotdogs to you and all of your friends’ kids and your friends will say “book this day off kids, we’ve got *insert your name here*’s famous BBQ, and we’ve been going every year since I was young!” It’s an interesting thing to think about, so plan a day and start this tradition. The worst that can happen is you see in the garbage countless face-down paper plates…we all know what that means.

These are our top reasons to host a BBQ! Let us know in the comments if you have any more reasons!

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