Why You Should Date Someone From LA

*Cue "California Girls" by Katy Perry*--I think the better question is why wouldn't you date someone from LA?! Here's why you should date someone from LA.

Why should you date someone from LA?  *Cue “California Girls” by Katy Perry*–I think the better question is why wouldn’t you date someone from LA?! Dating someone from  LA guarantees an eclectic mash-up of undeniably enviable qualities unique to la la land natives.Get ready for aesthetic food adventures and stories of the stars. Here’s why you should date someone from LA.

1. We will document EVERYTHING.

Given we are probably Instagram famous or are aspiring #lifestyle bloggers, you’ll never have to worry about capturing you and your love’s cute moments–they will be posted, tagged, “pinned” and re-pinned before date night is over.

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2. There’s a 99% chance you’ll date a model or actor.

It’s LA–that profile picture that looked like a headshot? Yeah, it was a headshot and they are probably working on getting their  SAG card like the rest of LA. Who cares if they have never actually gotten work, how many of your friends have a model bae? Ask no questions–You are winning my friend.

3. We are incredible drivers.

LA is a driving city to say the least. Any true native has been operating a vehicle on a road filled with rush-hour rage since they could get their hands on a permit at the young age of 15 1/2. Don’t feel like driving? Don’t worry! Your LA babe can drive in their sleep practically–don’t ask how, just know you’ll make it out alive.


4. You’ll have a human navigation system.

“Take the 405 to the 110, exit off the 101 Southbound and take the 1o5 all the way to…”. Your LA love is a pro direction giver, given their native city has around 1000 different freeways going to a million different destinations–You wouldn’t even need your Waze app! Just make sure to listen closely and take notes–oh, and read the signs just in case!

5. We will take you to brunch.

Brunch is a way of life to LA natives. It is a sacred ritual involving big sunglasses, messy Saturday-night hair turned cute top-knots, and beautifully plated avocado toast that’s to die for…Consider yourself lucky. After a couple weekends with bae you’ll be a “regular”–endless mimosas and all.

6. We’ll keep you on track.

LA is the meca of health trends which means your LA babe will never let you fall out of shape. Soul Cycle, pressed juices, and gluten free everything will be your new way of life so say bye-bye to your excuses! You will essentially get a personal heath coach and girlfriend in one low carb package.

7. We have celebrity friends.

Everyone knows celebrities in LA right? Sorta. There was that one time when we were in Whole Foods on Wilshire and we talked with Paris Hilton at the salad bar. Oh and that one Beverly Hills party that her friend invited her to and now she knows Justin Bieber. The stories will never bore you.

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8. We know people “in the industry.”

Mixed in amongst our celebrity contacts are our “industry friends” who know everyone who is anyone. One’s a producer, one’s a celeb manager…long story short we know people. We have connections–what else could you want?!

9.  Essentially, we are effortlessly cool. Always.

Between the food blogging, premiers, star-studded parties and high-profile lunches on Rodeo Drive, the LA girl has to be “cool.” She has the ability to handle just about anything so long as she has her Aviators and Lululemon tote bag. Date someone from LA and you’ll never see a dull moment.

Have any other reasons to date someone from LA? Let us know in the comments below!
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