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Why You Should Consider Doing An Amazon Textbook Rental

Why You Should Consider Doing An Amazon Textbook Rental

Why You Should Consider Doing An Amazon Textbook Rental

There are many places where students can get textbooks, but Amazon textbook rental is one of the best. Searching for books can be time consuming and you have to make sure that you are getting the best price while making sure you are getting your books in a timely manner. Here is why I recommend Amazon textbook rental to all students who are looking for school books.

Why You Should Consider Doing An Amazon Textbook Rental

Why rent?

Before we can get into why Amazon textbook rental is a great option, we first have to establish why you should rent textbooks over buying them in the first place. For many of the classes you will be taking, the textbooks required are not going to be used again. For that reason, it is best to rent. There is no point in stock piling a bunch of books that you will have no use for in the future.

I get that some people like to have nice, new books and that is why they lean towards buying, I am that way too, but Amazon tells you the condition that the book is in before you rent it. I have rented books that were in great condition and I didn’t feel like I was getting some nasty, stained book with pages ripped out.

With all of that said, if the books you need are for one of your major classes, that may be the one instance where buying may be beneficial. They can be used for future classes or for after you graduate. I still use some of my textbooks from undergrad as a way to freshen up on some of the material.

Do you have Prime?

In general, Prime is great to have. Being able to receive packages within two days is amazing, and when we’re talking about rentals, it can even be a lifesaver. We have all had those classes where you get assigned your textbooks the first day of class and your first reading is due the next. Amazon Prime takes the anxiety out of having to wait for your books to come in.

As for the price, Amazon offers Prime Student. Prime Student allows for students to pay a discounted price for Prime, so try it out! You won’t regret it!

Why You Should Consider Doing An Amazon Textbook Rental

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Massive selection

Due to Amazon’s growing use, they continue to grow their inventory which also means that Amazon textbook rental’s catalog also continues to grow. It will be easy to find the books that you need and even multiple versions of those books. And when renting, it is great to have options to choose from so that you can get the cheapest option or a book that is in the best condition. I had luck finding books on amazon that I could not find other places, and when I could find them elsewhere, Amazon was usually cheaper.

Easy returns

Along with all of the other great benefits, Amazon textbook rental has easy returns. At the end of the semester, the last thing that you want to worry about is sending your books back. Amazon has made that easy for you by providing you with not only a due date that will give you more than enough time with your books, but also with a countdown letting you know how long you have until you must turn them back in.

Once you login to your account and check your rentals, it will let you know how long you have left with your book. When it is time to return your rental, you print your label and packing slip and ship it off. That’s all! It is easy, convenient, and hassle free.

Why You Should Consider Doing An Amazon Textbook Rental

Make your life easier and look into Amazon textbook rental. It is a great resource for students to have. Let me know in the comments your experience with Amazon’s rental service!

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