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Why You Should Celebrate Your Small Victories

Why You Should Celebrate Your Small Victories

The most underrated thing to do is to celebrate your small victories. We hardly underestimate the power we have in celebrating small victories because we have been conditioned to depend on the approval of others. There is no need to wait for to someone to give you permission to feel like a success. It is important to remember that without confidence no one can achieve anything. When you start to celebrate your own victories you take away power from other people and start giving it to yourself. You become empowered to be independent enough to do your own thing and start to nurture your own potential.

True approval comes from within.

Celebrating your small victories is all about recognizing your own potential and seeing yourself in a positive light. As we enter the adult world our life becomes more and more dependent on our image, status, how much money we make, and our appearance. Power is taken away from us and given to others.

Be your own cheerleader.

There are so many ways society strives to make us insecure and causes us to compare ourselves to others, and be filled with self-doubt. On the daily we are met with some sort of disappoint whether it be something like a failing grade, a missed bill payment, or your friends won’t answer your calls that make you doubt yourself. If you start to measure yourself by much you fail at the things you are trying to achieve you will be met with self-disappointment. You start to see you glass as half full and you start to believe that you are incapable of turning your situation around. It’s the hopelessness and frustration that makes you feel as though you will never ever feel happy for yourself. For this very reason it is important that you try to combat this toxic mindset a positive and productive set of mind that will prevent you from feeling struck when met with obstacles.


Though of course we cannot change the things that we fail at or control what others think of us, our success depends on how we manage our emotions and thought process. If we start to see life as something we simply cannot meet up to we will find ourselves feeling inadequate. We need to be kind to ourselves so as to keep ourselves motivated to keep persevering. Small victories serve as a reminder that we do have potential and can strive.

Your mindset will keep you moving forward.

What celebrating small victories does is it makes your weight lighter so that you keep going forward. Instead of being met with self-doubt and disappointment you can change your perception to see things in a different way and learn keep yourself on track. In a way you become your own mentor. It won’t come easily to be able to simply get yourself to see things in a positive light because as human beings that first thing that we do is listen to our feelings. We often forget that feelings are arbitrary  and that feelings of guilt or shame will keep you from trying to see the positive when everything seems negative.

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Be at peace with yourself.

If you ever feel like you let yourself or other people down simply remind that you do not have to be perfect. Whether this is to others or yourself nothing is as good as it appears to be on the surface. Time alone can be a bad thing when you do it out of depression or lack of self-worth but when you do it to get peace of mind then that’s when it productive. If you have time to yourself alone have a short recap of your day. Sit down and reflect on why you feel the way that you do. Small victories are what make your day a little bit brighter because you are able to feel proud about something.

Small victories do not have to be something professional or financial, because it can be something personal.

Small victories start to manifest themselves more you celebrate them. Keep your head up and stay positive!

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