Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

Poshmark is my ultimate OBSESSION at the moment. Being someone who absolutely loves thrift shopping, I have found that Poshmark is such an incredibly alternative!

Here are some of the reasons you should be shopping on Poshmark right now!

It’s Affordable

Obviously one of the biggest perks of secondhand shopping is that it is much more affordable than buying brand new clothing items. However, many people also list items on Poshmark that are brand new with tags attached, even if buying used clothing is not for you! Regardless of whether you choose items that are slightly worn, or brand new, the prices are incredible! Plus, you can offer however much you are comfortable spending, and negotiate with the seller to help keep the purchase as affordable as possible!

Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

You Can Find One of a Kind Pieces

While scrolling through Poshmark, I love searching for vintage pieces/sellers! This is exactly where Poshmark proves to be a much faster and easier version of your classic thrift shopping. It is the perfect website to find vintage pieces that nobody else at your school, work, etc. is going to have! If you are someone who tends to have a unique sense of fashion, and enjoy buying and wearing quirky pieces, Poshmark is absolutely the answer. If you’ve never been on the site/app before, it is definitely time for you to change that!

Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

It’s Sustainable

Sustainability is a huge topic in the world of fashion right now. With so many fast fashion retailers available online (at very low prices), it can often be difficult not to let your “sustainability morals” take the high road and purchase items from these websites. With Poshmark, not only are you able to buy items at the same low cost as fast fashion retailers, but you can feel good about it! By contributing to the recycling of clothing items, you are shopping in a much more sustainable manner than by purchasing “cheap” clothing that will only last a few wears!

Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

It Has SO Many Choices

There is no question that Poshmark can sometimes be a bit intimidating due to the immense amount of clothing items available. However, I see this as one of the biggest benefits of the website! With all of these choices, it makes it very easy to search for something as specific as “white halter sundress” and have hundreds of different dresses appear in seconds! Plus, you can easily filter all of these choices by size, color, brand, etc. to make your life even EASIER!

Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

You Are Supporting Real People

The fact that I am supporting real people while purchasing from their Poshmark closets is something that simply makes me feel good. As a college student, I understand the feeling of scrambling to make a bit of extra cash, so if I can help another individual out by contributing to their own savings while getting a fashionable clothing item for myself at the same time, why wouldn’t I? Also, if you find a seller who has a lot of items that you would like to purchase, you can make a bundle and buy multiple pieces, while simultaneously saving on shipping costs! Regardless, you know that you are supporting a real person and probably making their day by shopping from them!

Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

You Can Sell Your Own Clothes

In reference to the idea of buying from real people, you can easily BE that person on Poshmark. What do I mean by this? If you have old items that do not fit you any more, or simply just aren’t your style, start your own Poshmark closet! I like to sell items on Poshmark and keep my earnings on my account, so that I can then shop guilt-free directly through the website! By selling your own clothes, not only are you earning REAL money, but you are making room in your closet to do some Poshmark shopping in return!

Why You Should Be Shopping on Poshmark Right Now

These are some of the top reasons why I LOVE shopping on Poshmark! Are you an avid Poshmark user? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/@charlesdeluvio
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