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Why You Should Always Use Etsy To Buy Your Guy’s Gifts

Why You Should Always Use Etsy To Buy Your Guy’s Gifts

These are the five reasons why you should always use Etsy to buy your guy's gift! Whether your looking for small gift or something big, Etsy has it all!

Depending on your guy, buying gifts can be difficult, especially if you want it to be something he actually likes and gets use out of. Clothing doesn’t always bring about excitement. They seem to have less interest in candles and nail polish, the easy go-to gifts for a lot of women. It’s easy to feel stumped, but that’s where Etsy is a great solution. If you’re unfamiliar with this site, Etsy is basically a huge store that connects you with sellers all across the world, often offering super quality and unique hand-made items you won’t find anywhere else. The sellers are real human people, so you can easily ask questions about the product and add specifications to your orders. All you have to do is browse in a category or search for what you’re interested in, and tons of options appear to satisfy any craving. It’s the perfect place to shop for your guy, so you don’t end up scrambling through the limited shops in your area or searching endlessly online in possibly unreliable places. Here are five reasons why you should always use Etsy!

1. You Can Appeal to His Hobbies

Buying something related to his hobby is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re giving a thoughtful gift your guy will be able to enjoy. These things can be hard to find, but Etsy has huge pockets of people catering to whatever interest your guy may have, whether it’s cooking, music, video games, or something less common. My boyfriend loves playing the guitar and I recently bought him a customized guitar pick, which I found quick and easily on Etsy by just searching through their music section.

2. You Can Find Unique Possibilities

If you’re interested in something more special or tailored to your guy’s interests, Etsy is a place of unique buying possibilities that can bring thoughtfulness or excitement to any gift giving occasion. Browsing reveals lots of options you couldn’t find at a typical store, like a door stopper that says “Hodor,” if he’s into Game of Thrones, or a bottle opener decorated with the logo of his favorite sports team. Recently, for their anniversary my sister gave her husband a pair of socks with their dog’s actual face printed on them. There are tons of fun options out there.


3. There are a Variety of Styles in One Place

Different guys have different styles. Maybe yours is more preppy. Maybe he’s more rustic. Maybe he’s just classic. Whatever he leans toward, Etsy can help. For example, a watch is often a solid gift choice, but maybe you can’t find one in his style. If you search watches on Etsy, you’ll find options that fit anyone. There are ones made from wood, ones with nice leather bands, even pocket watches! Just for that one item, there’s already a great variety to choose from so you can find something perfect to fit the style your guy prefers. It’s the same for whatever you’re looking for. For cases like this, Etsy can help you find the perfect gift. This is a very important reason why you should always use Etsy!

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4. There are Options You Never Even Considered

Not only can Etsy provide a fun flare or style to traditional gifts, but it can give you new ideas for gifts as well. Using Etsy, I was able to buy my boyfriend a pack of hot sauces, which was totally unusual, but perfect for him. If your guy is into new gadgets, you can find creatively designed flash drives or an amp and speaker that looks like a case of Altoids. There’s a travel kit you can buy that comes with a notebook, pens, and an international travel adaptor, a great gift for someone who’s about to go abroad. Half of the trouble with gift giving is coming up with new, interesting ideas, but just by browsing through Etsy a lot of the work is already done for you, as you’ll come across tons of cool gifts you never considered.


5. You’ll Never Run Out of Ideas

One of the best reasons on why you should always use Etsy is that it’s always there for you. The site has an endless amount of ideas and they’re always growing as more sellers join the community. Even when you feel like you’ve reached a dead end with finding gifts, there is always some new pocket of options to be discovered if you brainstorm on the site for long enough. Etsy can even operate like a social media for your gift giving needs, as the site often curates lists based on things you’ve liked, shops you’ve bought from in the past, or items currently popular among other users. This way you’re always being exposed to new options, and you’re likely to never run out of ideas. What used to be a grind finding gifts for your guy becomes way easier and more fun when using Etsy, and you’ll finally be able to find things he actually likes and can enjoy.

Do you agree with these reasons on why you should always use Etsy to buy a gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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