Why You Should Allocate A Lazy Day To Yourself Every Week

It's always important to have a lazy day. Here's why you should devote a day a week to strict relaxation and no work of any kind!

Ah, the lazy day. It’s the best day of your week, being able to roll out of bed at 12pm and stay in your pjs until it’s bedtime again. No make up, messy hair and Netflix, what more do you need to make a lazy day perfect? How about the knowledge that a day lazing around the place is good for you. Here’s why you should allocate a lazy day to yourself once a week.

1. It’s Good For Your Body

Thank you to whoever figured out that lazy days are good for everyone’s health, it might have been the best news I read all week. But think about it, it’s essentially a whole day dedicated to doing nothing at all. Your whole body – every muscle and every bone – gets a rest which, during a very busy work week, can be the best thing you can give you yourself. So if you’re thinking that lying around is bad, forget it and give yourself that lazy day you deserve.

2. It’s Good For The Mind

Just as it is good for the body, your mind also benefits from the relaxation of a lazy day. While some might see lying in bed or on the sofa, letting Netflix or Amazon Prime or just Comedy Central rot your brain all day as the downside, it actually gives your brain some real time to switch off and after a week of having to think hard and fast for eight hours, it might be the most beneficial thing for your brain. Your noggin has to relax too, so make your Saturday a lazy day.


Why You Should Allocate A Lazy Day To Yourself Every Week

3. It Might Make Your More Productive

While some people tend to switch off on their lazy day, others might find that their brain activity spikes a lot more than it usually would. With nothing to do, it gives your mind time to think about other things to do, that’s why lazy days are a really good day to think about new projects, maybe decorating the bedroom or planning a getaway somewhere. Don’t think just because you’re being lazy that you can’t get something done. Give yourself that lazy day and maybe you’ll have a new bedroom by the end of it.

4. You Can Catch Up On What You’ve Missed

Maybe you’ve recorded a few tv shows in the week that need to be watched, or you haven’t seen your sister in a while and definitely need a catch-up. Maybe you’ve neglected a friend for a couple of weeks. Well, a lazy day is a perfect opportunity to get some time back on things that you’ve missed out on. It’s important to do what’s best for you on your lazy day and if that’s catching up with someone or something, then allocating yourself a lazy day every week is a must.


Why You Should Allocate A Lazy Day To Yourself Every Week

5. You Get To Spend Much Needed Time With Your Partner

If you’re both at work 9-5 every day then really, you don’t get home till 6/7 and there’s no time to sit and talk and spend time with your partner in the evenings. One lazy day a week gives you a full 24 hours to be with each other, meaning you get to spend all that time you’ve missed out on in the week together and really give yourself the full day to connect. Sometimes that best thing to do after a hard week is relaxing with your other half, and what better reason do you need to give yourself a lazy day?

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6. It’s A Fun Thing To Do

Sometimes you just need a day where you can binge Parks and Rec, order and stuff your face with pizza and play old school games like Crash Bandicoot or Tomb Raider. What with Nicksplat! now being a thing, it’s a great chance to reminisce on all the old tv shows you used to watch as a kind. How about rerunning Sabrina the Teenage Witch before Sabrina is out on Netflix? Or doing As Told By Ginger from the start because you never could when you were younger? I mean come on, lazy days are just a fun thing to do.

7. Get Some Sleep!

Your body is always going to need to get some sleep. It’s the best way to get everything functioning and actually, waking up at midday on a Saturday is a really good way to feel refreshed. Your body and mind get the much-needed rest that it deserves and probably needs after the early mornings and late nights of the work week. So why not just do yourself a favour, allocate a lazy Saturday and get some of much-needed sleep!

 Why You Should Allocate A Lazy Day To Yourself Every Week


8. Because Why The Hell Not

You’ve worked hard all week so who says you can’t spend a day lazing around the house in your pjs? It’s not against the law to do something for yourself and if you want to lie around all day once a week, well you just go ahead and do it. Lazy days were invented for that special reason because every once in a while, everyone just wants to sit around, not get dressed and be lazy.

Do you allocate a lazy day to yourself each week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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