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Why You Need To Visit Pumpkin Patches This Fall

Why You Need To Visit Pumpkin Patches This Fall

Pumpkins are one of the best-known mascots for the Fall season. You can find this fruit’s motif almost everywhere by the end of September as they become decorations, food, and flavored items. Pumpkin patches are a great place to spend some time and have fun as the cooler months start to roll in. To help you get into the fall spirit, here are some top reasons why you should make plans to visit your local pumpkin patch.

1. Hayride

Hayrides are a classic activity that are synonymous with pumpkin patches. It may sound hokey but get in the spirit and hop onto the back of a wagon filled with hay and enjoy a nice and easy ride as you are being pulled by a tractor or horse. When the months grow closer to October, some farms may even offer haunted hayrides and incorporate special effects to make the ride more seasonal.

While it may not seem to be the most comfortable, it’s a fun experience to share with friends and family, so be sure to take pictures of what may become your favorite fall experience. Just be careful so that you don’t fall out of the wagon trying to get the perfect angle for that shot.

2. Treats

Who doesn’t love free sweets? Hot cocoa, an assortment of locally-made treats, these are all items you may be able to try when you go to your local pumpkin farm. Take a break from pumpkin picking to sit and enjoy some delicious fall delicacies before continuing with your activities for the day.

Some classic baked good that you may be served includes pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and warm fresh apple cider ready to be served and enjoyed by all who visit. The treats may be so tasty that may come back for a second time!

Why You Need To Visit Pumpkin Patches This Fall

3. Corn Maze

Corn mazes are often prepared as an activity at many pumpkin patches. Corn is grown and cut down to create a natural maze and it’s up to you to escape from it. While a real-life labyrinth is enough fun on its own, some farms will incorporate extra elements such as actors dressed as ghosts and zombies.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like the threat of creepy ghouls coming after you if you don’t escape in time. Other corn maze games may include paintball or scavenger hunts with prizes at the end. The possibilities are endless with this fun activity.

4. Farm Animals

Some pumpkin patches include petting zoos, which is great fun for all. You can hang out with the Billie goats, or hold and stroke farm rabbits and chicks. Children get very excited interacting with them. If you’re not a big fan of getting up close to animals, feel free to admire them from a distance.

It is important to treat the farm animals with respect and care and heed all handling instructions and warnings the farmers or caretakers may give. They are living creatures, and you probably won’t be able to resist gushing over how cute and cuddly most of them are.

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Why You Need To Visit Pumpkin Patches This Fall

5. Picking a Pumpkin

Ah yes, the entire reason for going to a pumpkin patch in the first place. Picking a pumpkin. While getting a pumpkin from a store is just fine, there’s something special about hunting around for your own pumpkin at an actual pumpkin patch. It’s your pumpkin, you chose it from a sea of orange and now you get to bring it home.

Turn it into a jack-o-lantern, set it outside your front door as a simple decoration or use it to create tasty Halloween treats, get creative and have fun. When you take that special pumpkin home, it’s a great way to get everyone in a festive spirit of the Fall season.

Why You Need To Visit Pumpkin Patches This Fall

Which activity do you like the best at Pumpkin patches? Leave a comment below!

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