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Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

Before I slipped on my first pair of 6-inch platforms, I flunked out of the standard gym rat routine. I found myself wandering around the gym only to find myself back on the treadmill and bailing on yoga more times than there are poses. Dieting my way through college, my P90x DVDs gathered an impressive amount of dust before I admitted defeat and decided that being in shape just wasn’t for me. 

Then I found Pole Fitness. 

Check your judgment- There is a reason that pole dancing has become one of the hottest new fitness trends. Gaining abs even Thor would envy is just the cherry on top of the other benefits you will gain from pole dancing. Here are 5 reasons why you need to try pole fitness ASAP. 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

1. Women Support Women

Taking your first pole fitness class can be scary. I get totally get it. Slipping on your first pair of 6-inch stilettos in a skimpy outfit takes a lot of bravery, but you are fierce and it is time for you to shine. The pole fitness community is one of the most loving and accepting groups of women there are. I will let you in on a little secret if you are afraid you will be judged, think again. 

Whether you are a beginner who can`1 barely stand on her own two heels or you just mastered the tabletop, you will be constantly supported, encouraged and loved. Pole fitness offers a safe place for you to express who you are, without judgment. The women in this community are not there to judge you, they are there to help you become the powerful, strong, and sexy goddess that you are! 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

2. It’s A Hella Good Workout

Sore arms, abs, and legs, oh my! Complete with glittery shoes and sassy outfits, pole dancing hardly seems like a workout, although it very much is. When you stroll into your first pole dancing class it is hard to know what to expect. Your pole dancing class will go by in the blink of an eye.

Your hard-working attitude and the beat of the music will mesmerize you into thinking you are just having a great time, which we know you are. Little did you know the time you spent trying to master your invert, was time spent doing 1oo upside crunches. No pain, no gain. Am I right ladies? What kind of trickery is this? My answer, the best kind. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun too! Plus what other kinds of workouts let you buy cute shoes? 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

3. Pole Is Incredibly Body Positive

Pole class is a judgment-free zone and that comes with body types as well. A size is just a number and pole fitness reminds you of that every time you step into the studio. No matter who you are, where you came from or what you look like, you will be welcomed with open arms. 

In pole fitness, you will be taught how to love your body for what it can do instead of what it looks like. Your inner seductress will be present and you know she is there to Own. That. Pole.

Nothing beats the feeling of mastering the move you have been working so hard to get and you will be cheered on by the other ladies in the class. Pole dancing is for everyone and every BODY. You are sexy AF. Own it. 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

4. It Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Pole fitness is the perfect combination of artistry and athleticism. At a standard gym, you are extremely limited on artistic exposure, unless you decide to do interpretive dancing in between sets- kidding! 

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Pole dancing is a sport that is both artistic and athletic. While you will gain the strength of a Greek god, you will also be encouraged to express yourself artistically as well. You will learn to flow to the beat of the music and express your emotions through movement. There is a reason Michelangelo dangled from the ceiling as he painted the Sistine Chapel, while extremely hard, he was able to express his artistry impeccably. 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

5. Pole Is Empowering 

I know what you are probably thinking: How can pole dancing be empowering when its best know role is in the exotic dancing community? How can something that was designed to degrade and objectify women be empowering? I’ll admit, in the past, I also asked myself these same questions. 

Pole fitness is not only found in strip clubs. As a competitive sport, you can find pole dancing competitions that not only judge based on athletic ability. but also artistic expression. Some dancer is even pushing to get this distinguished sport into the Olympics. It is easy for others to keep pole dancing in an exotic only box, where the truth is that it is so much more. Some dancers use this as an outlet to express themselves through movement whereas others use it as a way to showcase their athletic ability. Not all pole dancing has to be sexy, which brings me to my next point. 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

6. You Will Be Better In Bed

Pole dancing can be extremely sexual and guess what? That is completely fine too. Pole dancing allows women to become connected to their bodies, which helps them express their sexuality on their OWN terms. Many women who have decided to take pole fitness have said that it has improved their sex life and here’s why. It is not that they have learned move that their partners find arousing, but that they have gained the confidence to ask for what they want in bed and don’t feel like they need to encourage what they don’t. Feeling empowered and becoming more comfortable with your body allows you to have more fun in the bedroom, and who doesn’t want that? 

Why You Need To Try Pole Fitness ASAP

All judgments aside, pole fitness is an exhilarating way to get into shape, build lifelong friendships, and learn to love your body. What are you waiting for? Grab your bestie and sign up for a class!

Tried pole fitness? We would love to hear about your experience. Comment below! 

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