Why You Need Tinted Sunscreen ASAP

The reason you need tinted sunscreen ASAP is right in the name! Protected skin and gorgeous tan? Sign me up! Your skin is the largest organ your body has but for some reason the one we think of the least when it comes to taking care of it! You only get one set of skin and that’s it for life! Sure your skin is constantly regenerating itself, but overall no amount of tan is worth harming it! As a society, we allow what’s beautiful to cloud our vision of what is healthy. Rather than cooking your way to tan, lather up that sunscreen and get tan while doing it!

1. Sunburn

When using sunscreen our main goal is to prevent ourselves from getting burnt while laying in the sun! If you haven’t heard, our ozone layer is depleting. The ozone is a shield protecting us from the suns UVB rays before they reach the ground (where we are!). As the ozone layer depletes, your body needs added protection from those harmful sun rays. That’s where sunscreen comes in! The mistake many people make is that we believe while using that protective layer of sunscreen, we are preventing ourselves from getting a tan. Some people even openly burn themselves, in order to get a tan! With tinted sunscreen, you can protect yourself from harmful rays and still be adding color to your skin.

Why You Need Tinted Sunscreen ASAP

2. Premature aging

As you protect yourself from the sun you are protecting yourself from getting old. Well, not exactly. But you are protecting yourself from looking like you belong at bingo when you would rather be laying out at the beach with the rest of the youngsters. The suns rays can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots over time. The way to prevent this? Tinted sunscreen! Sunscreen, in general, is going to prevent this, the tinted sunscreen is just going to get us that tan we want while still keeping your skin plump and radiant. What you might not have known is the number one cause of premature aging of the face is ultraviolet exposure. Sunscreen helps slow down this process. Being too tan can look leathery and make you look older as well. Using tinted sunscreen makes you tan without the leathery look.

Why You Need Tinted Sunscreen ASAP

3. Skin cancer

Wearing the protective layer of tinted sunscreen (or any sunscreen at all) is going to protect you from this potentially fatal disease. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that are treated enough to be cancer free, no one wants to go through that for themselves or their loved ones. And to think it is as easy as throwing on a layer of tinted sunscreen! You can get tan and you can be safe. You should even be using sunscreen when the sun isn’t out. Even though you can’t see her she’s always there keeping us warm enough to survive! But the sun can also really hurt us whether is skin cancer, heat stroke, or heat exhaustion which, left untreated, can go as far as causing brain damage! So prevent any of these harmful health issues from happening and look like you’re glowing and wear tinted sunscreen!

Why You Need Tinted Sunscreen ASAP

4. Low-risk glow

So why wear tinted sunscreen rather than just any other sunscreen? The tan of course! Using self-tanner is a safe and healthy way for us to get a tan without a tanning bed or laying out in the sun. But how about a self-tanner that you can still lay out in the sun with? Even if you are wearing sunscreen, you are still laying out in the sun getting that tan, but it is much better for you than laying out there with nothing on your skin or laying out there with tanning lotion that attracts the rays towards your skin! Get this tinted sunscreen to give yourself a radiant youthful glow and keep that beautiful skin healthy as ever!

Why You Need Tinted Sunscreen ASAP

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