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Why you Need a Two-Piece Outfit this Summer

This summer is going to be one of the hottest we’ve experienced yet, with some areas reaching temperatures over 100 degrees. Summer means having fun in the sun and enjoying the longer days to enjoy being outside. There’s just one problem that comes with it for me: it’s too hot to wear my favorite outfits now. My go-to jean and cardigan combination aren’t exactly the most practical when just going outside feels like I’m stepping directly into the sun itself (seriously, I feel like I’m getting a tan from just walking my dog). However, I know a flowy two-piece outfit is going to keep me looking cool and cute.

I know this option can be a little scary, especially when comparing measurements and wondering if you’ll fit into both the bottom and the top, so I took the plunge for you! I LOVE my two-piece outfits. Honestly, this has been the best trend to hit since the comeback of high-waisted bottoms.

1) They’re easy to dress up

Like wearing a dress, these are easy to wear on their own and to style up with accessories.  I currently style my favorite one by pairing it with black wedges, a gold necklace, and a pair of gold earrings. For a night out, I’ll switch my shorter necklace to a longer one and wear statement earrings. No matter what, any jewelry you wear will be a quick way to touch the outfit up and help you feel dressed up wherever you are.

Your decisions aren’t limited to just casual and sexy, though. There are a lot of matching sets that carry a timeless, elegant look to them. If you get the style just right, you’d have an easy go-to outfit for nicer events with stricter dress codes. When going for this type of look, style it with minimalist jewelry, and let the outfit speak for itself. When your hot girl summer is lit, or your classy girl summer is chill, having these quick sets to put together helps you spend more time having fun than taking a longer time to get dressed than the Grinch.

Save Your Love for Me Slate Blue Swiss Dot Two-Piece Maxi Dress from Lulu’s

2) They’re easy to dress down

Alright, so it’s summer. It’s not a season particularly known for covering up for cocktails on rooftops (or whatever fancy people do with their lives, I don’t know).  Summer usually doesn’t call for little black dresses on the beach, it usually calls for bikinis and cover-ups. Coordinating sets are for the in-between. 

With coordinating sets, there comes the ability to mix and match. Sometimes, I feel like wearing my printed skirt with a plain shirt instead of the matching print. If I’m wearing this outfit casually, I’ll opt for smaller earrings, like little hoops or small studs. When shopping for a set you might wear to the beach or strolling around town, look for something that you’d look aesthetic in even if you were riding one of those rentable electric scooters around town. For me, that means I want the bottom to be a skirt that might flow in the wind behind me, so people can glance over and think I’m a gorgeous wind goddess (or whatever floats your boat).

Sunkissed Florals Twist Crop Top and Skirt set from Windsor

3) That Style Variety Tho

Regardless of what your personal style is, you’ll always be able to find plenty to fit your vibe. I’m on a budget so the sets I bought for this summer are going to have to cover a lot of occasions for me. One set is light green with a floral print-the top has long sleeves and ties in the front, the bottom is a matching skirt. I love wearing it out to restaurants and bars, and it’s nice to know I have an outfit that makes me feel cute no matter where I am. 

Another set I bought myself is a long black skirt with a white floral print, with a matching crop top. Dude, when I wear this with the black wedges, sunglasses, and all my big hoops, I feel unstoppable. I feel tall. Badass. Attention-grabbing. CONFIDENT. Point is, there’s never been a two-piece outfit that didn’t help perk my mood.

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4) They’re SO comfy

Just like I’ve never seen a two-piece outfit make me frown while I was wearing it, I’ve never had a two-piece outfit that made me feel like a snug little baked potato in the sun. Depending on the material you get, you can find sets that are flowy, not clingy, and don’t make you sweat like you’ve been hiking all day. I’ve found the sets I’ve purchased to have these qualities, in addition to stretching to move with me as I go about my day. I have a set similar to the photo below, and I took a nice nap on my couch in it because of how well it fit. THAT’S how you know an outfit fulfills all expectations; you look good in it, and you’re so comfortable in it that you’re not consumed by thoughts of how badly you want to get out of it.

Think about how your feet feel after a few hours in new heels you haven’t broken in yet. That is not the feeling we’re seeking this summer! Or any season for that matter! To be out there makin’ moves and shining that smile of yours, your summer clothes cannot be something working against you. Why focus on how tight that skirt is when you could instead focus on fun? I can’t be the only one who can’t enjoy a day out in clothes that make me want to go home and switch to pajamas as fast as possible.

Solid Top & Button Front Flared Skirt from SHEIN

5) They’ll never go out of style

Okay, let’s be honest, any outfit can be a two-piece outfit. Here’s the thing about the matching sets though: they are often more cost efficient than buying two pieces of clothing separately. When you buy 2 sets, your ability to mix and match them will never run out. As long as you include sets that have some basics in them and sets for varying social occasions, it’s going to be awhile before you’ll need to change up your closet again. These outfits adapt with time, and for a lesser cost than separated products. This means your summer sets will work for you during the fall, winter, and spring. Take loving care of them, and they might last you until the next summer as well. Get shopping and enjoy your showing off your new wardrobe on your next girl’s trip!

Single Button Lapel Collar Crop Blouse & Pants Without Cami Top from Shein
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