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Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

Chunky knit sweaters will not only keep you so cosy this fall but you will also be rocking the fall look while keeping warm and fashionable. A jumper like this one will always be in fashion from autumn to winter months so will be great for the next few years. You can add a role neck, long sleeves or short sleeves, a v neck or a crew neck, whatever you are vibing with. You can also get a chunky knit dress and tie a belt round for a fashionable twist, or stick to the more casual jumper and jeans look.

Those autumnal walks won’t be as cold or as boring as you once remembered when you wrap up warm in your new jumper and you brighten up the day with your outfit. The great thing about these types of sweaters is the fact that whatever your personal style or whatever look you are trying to achieve, this jumper is a must have in your basic wardrobe that will work for anyone and everyone. 

The Cardigan

Although this one is not technically classed as a sweater, it is still chunky knit and super cute so we will let it off this time. This is great because you can pair it with your favourite tee or a cute vest and still have the chunky knit vibes. Pop on a few big vintage buttons and get a size up for a cosy and cute look to wear this autumn. You can get a long line cardigan or a short cardigan, whatever floats your boat. You can style this any way you like, it is so versatile. Chunky knit cardigans may just be the perfect garment for your autumnal wardrobe.  

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

Cable Knit

The classic cable knit jumper is one of the most traditional ways to wear a sweater this fall. It is the perfect casual look that will last you right through until the chilly spring days are over and summer comes back again. The chunky knit will get you through those colder says and will be perfectly matched with boots/trainers and jeans. You can get a fitted one or an oversized one, the cosier the better. What is great about this look is that it is such an every day look that you can wear it again and again, and you can get multiple colours of the same jumper and still look like you are wearing a new outfit each time you wear it. A classic look that we absolutely love!

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

V Neck

A V neck sweater is amazing if you don’t like the feeling of high necks or if you want to get a little bit cheeky. A slight off the shoulder look with a cute lace bralette or vest is an absolute vibe this autumn. Dress it with jeans and boots and a casual hairstyle for a really good everyday outfit. You can wear this look to the pub, to a casual event or even to a lecture – any time any where your v neck sweater will be there.

Of course, you do not have to wear it off the shoulder, but it is a more modern way to wear it if the plunge is big enough. You can wear a lacy vest underneath if you think the plunge in the middle is slightly too long. You can even turn it round so the deep plunge is at the back and not the front. You will wear this jumper so many ways that it will look different each time you wear it. 

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

Roll Neck

If you feel the cold a lot then a roll neck chunky knit sweater is the perfect match for you. It is perfect for the end of autumn as the chilly days start to creep up on you, you will want as much protection and cosy comfort as possible. This is the perfect jumper for that. The roll neck will not only keep you cosy but will also give you a fashionable touch to your outfit that gives it a more wintery feel. You need this jumper because, well, why not? Also it looks super cute and you can wear it through autumn and winter. It may be getting to Halloween soon, but don’t look or feel like a ghost in an oversized jumper. Make sure this one fits you right or it could drown you out. However, style it to what suits you best and you will be hot to trot this fall. 

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Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall


Who says that autumn needs to be dull? It is a wonderfully colourful season and this should be reflected in your clothes. Don’t be drab like the weather may be and spice up your wardrobe with a chunky knit jumper. You can get colours that clash, colours that perfectly go together, or colours that look like something your granddad would wear, either way, we love the colours. Bright, dark, whatever the pattern we are feeling it. It looks even better in the chunky knit as it makes the bold colours stand out more. You definitely won’t go missing in a good patterned jumper. Dull days no more when they see you coming. Colourful fashion is everything.

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall


A cropped jumper was really in last year, so this year you should definitely bring it back. The cropped chunky knit sweater is a fashion statement in itself. It might not keep you as warm as you hoped but you can guarantee it will rock the fashion world. It doesn’t have to be tight fitted, you can always get a baggy cropped jumper and style it with one of the above ways. The statement piece is perfect for autumn as it won’t be too cold but it will be cold enough for the heavier, thicker fabric. Show a little stomach, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of a fashion statement!

Why You Need A Chunky Knit Sweater This Fall

Comment below your favourite chunky knit jumper look, we love to see pictures and get some outfit inspiration from you too. And share with us what your favourite autumnal look is. Or share on social media to give someone some inspiration this fall. 

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