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Why You Don’t Need A Significant Other During The Holidays

Why You Don’t Need A Significant Other During The Holidays

Having a significant other during the holidays can seem like a big deal. But here are the reasons why you don't need one for the holidays!

The end of the year is the most wonderful time for all. However, stress and panic overwhelm us when we realize we’re spending the most magical time of the year without companionship. It’s easy to feel bummed out when there’s so many festivities to take part in throughout the fall and winter time (or what Twitter likes to call ‘cuffing’ season). Pictures of perfect couples flooding our timelines definitely don’t help the cause, either. Not having a significant other, however, is nothing to frown upon, but more so to celebrate. The holiday season is the perfect time to self-reflect and spend it with people who matter most. Here’s why you don’t need a significant other during the holidays, in just three simple reasons.


The most obvious of reasons. Spending time with the family during the holiday season is something that holds so much more value to us as we get older and the years pass. Most of us are away at school for the year, making time daily for phone calls and FaceTimes, with the occasional visit here and there. Being home for the holidays is truly something special; a month worth of home-cooked meals, sibling bonding time, pet-loving-cuddles, and laughter-filled memories.

It’s easy to feel lonely during this time of year, but family time is always going to be something you look back on a smile about, especially during the holidays. We start to grow up and embark on new journeys that require more independence,  perhaps we experience more losses that are near and dear to our heart, and we slowly start to realize just how much we miss our families, and our pets, and the added value they have in our lives. We even miss our siblings we’re so used to yelling at for sneaking into our closets when we’re not there. The holidays would never be the same if it weren’t for the traditions and memories we love so dearly that were created right at home.

Why You Don't Need A Significant Other During The Holidays

Your Self

The last three months of the year seems like an appropriate time to re-evaluate some things in your life. Not having a significant other is a perfect opportunity to do so. With almost a whole year behind you, it’s important to reestablish goals and values for the upcoming year. Perhaps this past year wasn’t kind to you, and some mental struggles arose more than you would like to admit.

This time of year is perfect to reflect back on all the trials and tribulations, as well as the successes and celebrations that have come your way. Seeing how far you’ve come at this point in time can really help your self-love increase, especially being around the joy and comfort of home during the holidays. Spending time alone is often necessary to recharge and regroup your physical and mental focus, as well. Curling up with a good book or your favorite movie on a snowy, dark night, hot cocoa in hand, is a perfect way to prepare yourself for a fresh start of a new year.

Why You Don't Need A Significant Other During The Holidays

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Giving Back

Make it a priority to give back this holiday season. Whether it be to your friends, your neighbors, animal shelters, through volunteer work, etc. Not having a significant other this holiday season means more love to give to everyone else! Donating old winter coats and boots, spending time at a soup kitchen, or volunteering at an animal shelter are all amazing ways to spread joy and cheer to people and animals who need it most during this special season.

Making someone else smile will always bring happiness back to yourself, and you’ll never look back and regret spending your time with others. Even something fun like a secret Santa or white-elephant with friends or employers is an awesome way to bond and spread generosity during the holidays, letting the special people in your life know they’re loved and cared about. That’s all anyone really wants during the holidays, anyways.

Why You Don't Need A Significant Other During The Holidays

How will you be spreading love this holiday season? Do you think you need a significant other? Comment down below.
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