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Why Working Remotely After College Isn’t So Bad

Why Working Remotely After College Isn’t So Bad

Working remotely directly after college doesn’t seem ideal to most, and let’s be honest, it is hard to be convinced why it is even a good thing at all. But, with how jobs and careers are changing this past year, looking at finding a remote job after college can be a positive thing. With the next year of college graduates being the end of the Millenials age group and the beginning of the Gen Z age group, a new mindset in the workforce is transforming. COVID-19 is affecting the workforce and colleges right now, so with graduation approaching, it is important to find the good in all the bad surrounding us right now. 

Flexible Schedule

Having a flexible schedule is a dream for anyone who just spent the last four years working towards their degree. In college, we get used to having a new schedule every few months, so once we start work after college, having a 9-5, Monday through Friday doesn’t seem too appealing. It can feel redundant and like we’re just trying to get to the end of the week.

But with virtual and remote work, we’re able to create our own schedule. If you want to work in the mornings one day and the evenings the other, you can schedule yourself that way. If you’d rather get all your work done in a 12-hour shift and only work 4 hours the next day, you can do that too! Regardless of how much work you have to complete, you’re almost entirely in charge of the schedule. The only thing you would have to make sure you’re prepared for is assigned meetings with other coworkers. Other than that, you are pretty free to work on your own time! 

Spend Time With Loved Ones

I know we’ve all spent way more time with family than ever before with quarantine, lockdowns, and remote learning and working, but it really is a blessing in disguise. Working remotely will allow you to spend more time with loved ones and give you the time to visit family more often. Being able to work from home right after college might not seem that great because we’re young and have little responsibilities, but we can find the good in it. Seeing more of your loved ones is a great opportunity that a lot of people miss out on with busy work schedules. Even if it’s just having lunch with your mom once a week or seeing family on weekends, having a remote job opens up this time that others don’t often get. 

Why Working Remotely After College Isn’t So Bad

Trial And Error

Working remotely, we have more of a learning curve than ever before. There is time to figure out exactly what we’re doing in our jobs that you might not get in the office. You can teach yourself new programs and look up how to navigate the company’s website. If you are nervous about being behind in the company, you will have that extra time on your own to really figure out how to do your best in your new job. Time is of the essence, and we now have more of it than ever. Knowing that you will be able to learn and grow at your own pace should be a comforting feeling when going into a new job right after college. 

Finding Your Place

So many of us have our minds set on one end goal, and oftentimes lose track of how to get there. If you only want one job and you get the position but end up hating it, you might not know what to do next. Working remotely will allow you to find new positions and career paths in your field if you don’t like exactly what you’re doing. You may be on the path to your dream job and end up loving where you’re at in the moment. Staying in that position can be a positive thing.

Finding your place in the workforce right after college graduation is a really scary thing to think about. With how jobs are changing so rapidly, we’re being given more opportunities than ever to find the right career position. Some jobs are scarce because of companies having to do lay-offs, but with remote work, there are more job opportunities opening up. 

Why Working Remotely After College Isn’t So Bad

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Ability To Travel

Right now, this option doesn’t seem all that exciting if you love to go to different countries and see the world. But, for the time being, working remotely will still allow you to travel and have more flexibility in your day to day life. Visiting family and relatives you don’t get to see too often will now be more of an option. You can go on small trips or spend more time on outdoor trips, like camping, hiking, and going to the lake. Little things that might not be available in your schedule can now be an option with working remotely! 

Finding The Right Place For You

So many of us get to our senior year of college and realize we don’t know where we want to be afterward. We spent the last four years in one location not having to worry about where we would be moving after it was all said and done. Some of us know what company or brand we want to work for, but not necessarily what city or state we want to live in. 

Working remotely will open up this opportunity to figure out where you want to live. You can stay where you’re at, go closer to family, or move far away and have a whole new adventure. You can even do two or all three of these options and determine what you like the best. Then, when jobs start changing some more (because we just don’t know what the future holds right now), you’ll know where you want to be physically. If you want to start working in the office or store again, you will know what location is best for you! 

Why Working Remotely After College Isn’t So Bad

How will you be making the most out of working remotely after college graduation? Let us know in the comments below! 

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