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Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

Why do you go on vacations? To relax, have fun, and get away from the agenda of everyday life. Why carry an agenda over into your vacation time? Here’s a few reasons why we think you should leave the agenda at home, and go with the flow when you’re on vacation!

You Can Truly Be On Vacation

When you go on vacation, you’re going to escape an agenda – not get another one! Whenever you plan a million things to see or do, you will find yourself stressed and always rushing from one thing to another. You will not get to truly relax and enjoy the vacation you wanted.

Maybe in between things you wanted to do, you see some locals going to a really cool spot you want to check out. Sadly you can’t because you are on an agenda to do other things. You will end up missing out on something that could be really fun just because you can’t miss your already planned and paid for appointments!

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

You Can Escape The “Touristy” Things And Explore For Yourself

Whenever you go on a vacation with no agenda or appointments, you can spend the days just how you like them! You can get away from the crowds and group tours, and explore things you would’ve never seen on a tight scheduled agenda.

Because of having no to-do list, you will be more flexible. Say one day you thought you wanted to have a beach day, but you wake up exhausted. If you already had something planned and booked at the beach, you would be pressured to make it – but if you didn’t have the already planned agenda, you could stay in and rest! You would enjoy your day more, and maybe even decide to go watch the sunset somewhere once you were well rested.

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

You Can Live Like The Locals

Try asking some of the locals their favorite places to hang out! You may even find a spot that only a few people in the world know about. This way, you can really get a feel for the way of life in the place that you’re vacationing in. You can learn from the locals on how to experience it best!

No one knows a place better than those who live there! Ask the locals what their favorite things to do are, and they may lead you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

Very Cost Effective

Because you aren’t paying to go on group tours or different excursions, you will be saving money! You can use this money to find a nicer place to stay or to go eat at little places you will find while doing all the exploring yourself.

Just because you have no agenda you have made prior to the vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t still plan things when you get there! Whenever you arrive and explore things for yourself, you can see what you really want to do.

You’ll have saved money from not paying for a big itinerary, so now you can plan the things that you would really like to do once you’ve seen them. Maybe you choose to go out on a Jet Ski for a couple hours or zip line through the mountains on a day you’re feeling adventurous!

And because all of this wasn’t planned weeks in advance on a big agenda, you can choose to do these things on the days you feel like it while resting and going with the flow whenever you like. This is a big reason that makes vacations with no agenda the way to go!

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

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You Can Rest Whenever You Want

Since you’re on vacation with no pre-planned agenda, you will be able to rest whenever you feel like it. You won’t have to wait on anyone, and this vacation will truly be a get away from the regular fast-paced days you’re used to. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want!

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

All The Best Surprises And Adventures Happen When You Go With The Flow

If you choose to let go of the demands of an agenda, your vacation will be unlike any other vacations you have been on! You will find that whenever you relax and go with the flow, the best things will come to you.

You may meet someone unexpected or follow a group of locals to a swimming hole that none of the tourists go to! You will have many stories to tell that are unique from all of your exploring that you had time to do because you were not on an agenda!

Vacations with no agenda are different than the regular scheduled vacation with many spots to hit and not enough time.¬†Every aspect of vacations with no agenda is amazing; you can be led to awesome adventures without the rush of tourists all around you, you’re days can be flexible to how you are feeling (and the weather), and to top it all off you will save money to spend on things that matter to you when you get there!

Why Vacations With No Agenda Are The Way To Go

Amazing things can happen on vacations when you cut the agenda. Let us know your fun experiences going with the flow in the comments below!

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