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Why Using Specific Sunscreen On Your Face Is Important

Why Using Specific Sunscreen On Your Face Is Important

Why Using Specific Sunscreen On Your Face is Important

Summertime is almost here my friends, and with that comes long days spent in the sun. While we know baking in the sun all day feels great, and leaves you with an even greater tan line, you still have to do your part in taking care of your skin. And that means making sure you put on sunscreen! When it comes to protecting yourself from the sun rays that are beaming down on you this coming season, it’s overly critical that you protect your face more than anything! So here are some reasons why using specific sunscreen on your face is essential this coming summer.

Sunscreen helps to prevent skin cancer

It’s no secret that skin cancer is a very real thing, and the more time you spend baking in the sun the more prone you are! The sun rays that hit your skin every day are filled with UVA and UVB ┬árays which are carcinogens, meaning they cause cancer. This information alone is reason enough as to why it’s best for you to coat yourself, and most importantly, your face in broad-spectrum SPF every day to help fight against the harmful rays that are constantly beating down on you.

Why Using Specific Sunscreen On Your Face is Important

Sunscreen helps to prevent wrinkles

In addition to helping prevent your risk of skin cancer, sunscreen helps prevent your skin from overall sun damage which means it helps fight against damaging skin that will one day become loose and result in wrinkles. That’s why sunscreen is one of the best anti-aging regimens for you to practice! So get into the habit of applying it to your face every day and make it a part of your day-to-day skin care routine. I promise, your skin will thank you later. Especially when you look ten years younger than everyone who skipped their sunscreen usage while out and about in the sun.

Sunscreen helps to prevent sun spots

Just like wrinkles, sun spots and skin damage are also typical factors of exposing your skin to too much sun without proper protection. So if you want to prevent yourself from forming sun spots on your skin, make sure you apply the appropriate amount of sunscreen every day!

Why Using Specific Sunscreen On Your Face is Important

Using sunscreen helps you take care of yourself

When you’re young and spending the days out soaking in the sun, it’s easy to forget that you’re probably causing permanent damage to your skin. That’s why it’s vital to start the habit of applying sunscreen to your face sooner rather than later! If you start the practice now and begin to apply it to your face every day as a part of your life’s daily routine, then you will not only help prevent yourself from harmful damage such as wrinkles, sun spots, and skin cancer, but you’ll be forming a life-long habit of simply taking care of yourself. Many people believe that applying sunscreen is optional, rather than necessary, and this is just not true. Sunscreen is absolutely imperative to protect yourself from all the harm that UV rays cause, so do yourself a favor, and stop thinking it’s optional, instead, realize that it’s required.

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What to look for

Now that we know about the importance that comes with sunscreen, it’s time to understand what to look for in your sunscreen. When it comes to the proper sunscreen for your face, there are certain things you must look for to make sure you’re using one that will adequately take care of your radiant skin. So, when shopping for a face-sunscreen make sure you look for broad spectrum, this means it will help fight against both UVA and UVB rays which not all general SPF sunscreens do. Look for a sunscreen that is labeled “non-comedogenic” to help prevent your face from clogged pores and breakouts, after all, taking care of your skin doesn’t just apply to sun damage! Lastly, search for a face sunscreen that also moisturizes your skin when you use it, this will keep your delicate skin from drying out during those hot summer months.

Why Using Specific Sunscreen On Your Face is Important

We know it’s important to apply sunscreen to your face, so what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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