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Why Using A Mooncup Changed My Life

Welcome to the revolution of menstrual care. The mooncup.

Until I tried using a mooncup, no prior “feminine hygiene product” aka tampons and pads had left me feeling satisfied. By that I mean, periods sucked. I had a poor relationship with my period and dreaded it every month. I hated tampons, I found them uncomfortable and unpleasant. This meant I had to depend on pads or “panty liners.” This was incredibly restrictive. For example, I just wouldn’t go swimming on my period. Pads also dictated the underwear I could wear, and I cannot wear my period pants in a dress. Plus I just found them uncomfortable. I was left every month feeling like… is this it? For the rest of my life?

Saying all this, I am extremely grateful to be someone who has access to a wide variety of menstrual care products. Products even given to me for free at times. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how using a mooncup changed my life for the better.

I was apprehensive and honestly scared of trying a mooncup for the first time. I had so many questions and didn’t really know that many people who were already using them. What if it got stuck up there? Is it going to feel awful inside me? How will I deal with it in public?

It was actually a coffee date with a friend that pushed me to try it for myself. She was really honest but a true advocate too. So far, using a mooncup has exceeded all my expectations and I will be the first person to advocate it to anyone. I feel like using a mooncup actually made me look forward to my period and added an unexpected aspect of freedom to my life that I didn’t think could be possible at this point.

So… what the f*ck is a mooncup?

Other than being your new best friend? The concept of a mooncup is not even a new invention. The idea was first established in 1999! Interest in mooncups seems to be on the rise, especially because of its environmental benefits.

The physicality of a mooncup is a small cup that you can fold up. It has a stem that you can trim to your comfort. The cup is made of soft silicone and is also latex-free. It is actually credited to support women with allergies or sensitive skin. I think this is really important considering where it is being put. Yeah, inside you. It is a refreshing change to buy a product that is considerate to a women’s body in this way. This is rather than a product that focuses more on concealing than comfort.

The mooncup comes in two sizes, A and B which depend on a woman’s age and if she has had a child. The cup itself collects your blood which you empty by pouring down the toilet. After rinsing you can just reinsert the cup. Sterilising the cup is done at the beginning and end of each cycle.

Jump in

When you buy your mooncup it comes with an extensive guide. How to use it, clean it, frequent questions and so on. It was incredibly detailed and easy to navigate. When I first tried using it I practiced taking it in and out quite a few times, to get used to it. I actually became comfortable with it much quicker than I expected. Prior to buying it I actually did quite a bit of my own research. This included reading the whole official mooncup site. I actually watched this really great YouTube video, if you want to check it out here’s a link.

The video is really funny and honest but also encouraged me to try it out for myself.

I think the main reason why using a mooncup changed my life is because it is weirdly comfortable. Like really weirdly comfortable, you could forget it’s in there. To me, this was an amazing aspect, and quite frankly one I didn’t expect.

When I tell people I use a mooncup one of the first questions I get asked nearly every time is, “so what do you do in public?” Personally things like this don’t bother me and I think using it in public is quick, easy and no big deal. But just in case, here’s another great piece of news. You can wear your mooncup for up to 12 hours*. *Please consult the official guideline. This is not only so much longer than a tampon, but also means that you probably won’t have to ever change your mooncup in public.

See Also

Using a mooncup changed my life in terms of exercise too. This is because it is so comfortable! And not to be totally graphic, but you can really go to the toilet, like really go, with it staying inside and comfortable.

The economic win

You can purchase a mooncup from a variety of places, including; the official Mooncup online store: as well as at local pharmacies, including Boots! The cost can range between £15 to £20. For a purchase that can last you for years this is definitely an investment where you make your money back within a year. It also reduces the fear of coming onto your period and suddenly realising, shit, I don’t have any supplies! Your monthly cost and mad dash to the shops is no longer a problem.

Environmental AF

As climate change fears increasingly grow, it is not only a responsibility but a genuine interest to reduce individual waste. The mooncup is a modern technology that considers environment responsibility.

Because the mooncup can last you years, it also means you are not producing any menstrual product waste output for years. How much of a tampon or pad ends up in the bin? Oh yeah that’s right, all of it.  The reusable aspect of the mooncup goes unchallenged in feminine hygiene products. This could really make a significant decline in menstrual waste world wide in a seriously beneficial way.

Now I’m not saying death to all prior menstrual technologies, in any way. They support women immensely. I just wanted to demonstrate the benefits of using one and how using a mooncup changed my life for the better. Some months I even use a combination of other products and my mooncup. I think the most important factor of the concept and reality of the mooncup is that it is another option. Another option for an inevitable part of most women’s lives. And who doesn’t like options? It is also a cost effective, environmentally friendly and overall great option too.

It changed my life, see if it can change yours. What do you think about the mooncup? Tell us in the comments!
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