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Why Toronto Is The Best City For a Student

If you’re anything like me and grew up in a small town, making the move to a big city can be one of the most frightening and overwhelming, yet flat out best decision you could ever make. Sure, going from a population of a small 60,000 people community to sharing the sidewalk with millions is a huge life altering step but I can promise you one thing, clicking that accept button to a Toronto college or university will be the change you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Congratulations, you took a huge step, worked your butt off, got accepted and have officially become a Torontonian! Now it’s time for you to explore all that this beautiful city has to offer, because, you know, obviously we all need a break from cracking books all day!

1. Culture

There are so many amazing things about things about calling Toronto your home and the cultural scene is definitely one of them. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you like, I can guarantee you will find a piece of home right in the middle of this gridlock city. Whether it be indulging in traditional Mexican tacos at Grand Electric or discovering the sweet fruit and fresh dumplings of China town, there is a place for everyone, you just have to find it. Exploring different areas around the city that make you feel at home are all part of the adventure of becoming a Torontonian.

2. Nightlife

Of course with every big city comes a club scene that everyone has to try out at least once, and if it’s not for you, that’s completely fine because Toronto is filled with SO many other places to have a glorious night out that doesn’t involve long lines and bottle service.

Have you ever gone to a ping pong bar to play ping pong, hangout with friends, sip on awesome cocktails all while snacking on chicken and waffles? I have and I can tell you it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. You can experience all of that at Spin on King Street, or check out Track and Field Bar and try some imported beers while playing some lawn games, OR walk through a convenience store to sip on a bubble gum cocktail at Convenience Bar on Queen Street West. You get the point, Toronto is flooded with unique places to have a great night if clubbing isn’t your thing, and let’s be real, this stuff is way more fun anyways.

3. Community

Moving to a big city, as a lot of us might have experienced, can make your stomach fill with good and bad butterflies. It’s all new, the people, the scenes, the atmosphere, it’s intense to get used to right away, especially growing up and being from a smaller community but Toronto is fantastic to new comers. WE LOVE TO HELP. Like seriously, Torontonians are a hilariously put together groups of people who would to anything to make a new comer feel at home, especially a student. Networking is KEY. I know, I used to cringe when anyone told me that but it’s all true facts, networking and meeting new people is the best way to get your foot in the door. Often times something good will come out of a new relationship, whether that be a job opportunity or an invitation to patio drinks, the Toronto community has definitely got your back.

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4. Get Outside

The cool thing about Toronto is that it’s actually a major city surrounded by nature. There’s always a beautiful water front, wine vineyard, or hiking trail no less than an hour away so taking a day trip away from the city is always a great idea to clear your head. Overlooking the beautiful lake on top of a cliff at the Scarborough Bluffs or kayaking through the Humber River are all great ways to experience the lesser used attractions that Toronto has to offer.

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Are you a Toronto student? Comment below and tell us how you like to spend your time off campus!

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