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Why There Should Be No Room For Toxic People In Your Life

Toxic people are the people who appear to be friends but instead have only their own best interest in mind. Toxic people wear masks to disguise their true colors not only to avoid being caught but to be devious. While you may think that you know this person and their intentions you will naturally let down your guard and trust this person. Toxic people operate in a way so as to avoid as much responsibility as possible and put the blame on someone else. Simultaneously they are crafting an escape for when you do start to catch on to what they are doing and whatever their goal maybe. It is important to know why it is necessary for there to be a little room possible so as to not let these toxic people into your life.

Your time should be spend wisely.

Our social lives play an extremely important role in our lives because it can either positively or negatively influence us academically, professionally, sentimentally, or emotionally. It does not seem like it but time really does fly by which is even more urgent that you use your time wisely. Our personal lives is nothing to be messed with because if you are not at an emotional or mentally stable state everything will go down hill. Toxic people are emotionally draining and you do not want to have no energy for the things that actually matter. Before you know you time is spent being involved with toxic people who do not know what they are doing with their lives and do not have anything special to offer to the world. Your relationship with other people will start to get tarnished and lose its depth when you start to lose touch with who you really are. Toxicity makes people angry, grumpy, and depressed which is not really an accurate depiction of who you really are but it will slowly slip into you daily state of mind.

Know to set boundaries.

At a young age it is very unlikely that we can see these connections since we are used to making friends at school and simply hanging out. It is exciting, convenient, and ideal to carries these friendships or relationships that flow so well. Unfortunately things are not as harmless as they appear to be on the surface.

Before you know it you find yourself trapped in a relationship you do not remember signing up for. The problem with toxic relationships is that the person in the relationship will be blinded by things that should not be acceptable. Whether through abuse or manipulation toxic people find ways to justify their actions. Selfishly toxic people treat your life as an accommodation for a means to getting their goals achieved.

Do not become a bystander.

The first sign that you have toxic people in your life is when you start to feel like you are going in a cycle. You should never have to feel like you are not happy with your own life and feel like a dependent to someone else’s life. What toxic people try to do is make you a dependent and make you think that you need them more than they need you. This will have you always coming back to them either to try to fix the relationship. Things start to get dangerous when it becomes a one-way relationship that only you are acknowledging while toxic people never take responsibility.

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Toxic people are never happy, they love to make you feel like you are ruining the party. Toxic people have issues that they love to talk about so as to make themselves more relatable but in all reality you don’t have to listen to all this. You should not have to listen to people’s issues all the time because you only become a wallflower where you are only looking into someone else’s life. But you should not have to be put in a position where you stop focusing on yourself just to give too much attention to this toxic person. That’s the thing about toxic people they claim to want to escape drama but rather they want to reenforce it and deflect their issues that they have by putting the weight onto you. 

Always try to free yourself.

It’s a never ending cycle that you don’t ever expect yourself walking into but are deceived into. Toxic people ultimately seek for your life to suck as bad as theirs. They are rotten because they will use you someone whom they can feel better about themselves not that you are that type but they will make sure that they get you to be in that situation. For the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind it is best for you to keep toxic people out of your life and pay attention to what actually matters.

You should treat your time with the utmost respect and keep toxic people away from your life. Keep yourself free from the stress, trouble and extra work these relationships stir up in your life.

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