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Why the Hot Girl Walk is Trending

Why the Hot Girl Walk is Trending

For those who frequently spend time on TikTok and Instagram, and other social media platforms, you have probably seen that the Hot Girl Walk is trending. I am here to explain why walking has become such a trend, specifically the hot girl walks! A hot girl walk is when someone pops in some air pods, laces up their sneakers, press play on your favorite playlist or podcast, and walks out the door or press start on your treadmill. This trend has certainly caught on, as seen through social media. People are sharing videos, vlogs, and pictures from their hot girl walk!

1. Low impact

One reason the hot girl walk is currently trending is that it is an extremely low-impact form or exercise requiring only sneakers! No fancy equipment or gym membership is required! No skill level or athletic ability is needed! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, the hot girl walk is welcomed and enjoyed by all. Walking is an excellent form of cardio that can help improve your health and cardiovascular system! The other great thing about a hot girl walk is that because it is low impact, it still allows you to do the different workouts you love, whether going to pilates or a Barry’s class.

2. Therapeutic

People have been describing hot girl walks as therapeutic! The hot girl walk almost acts as an active meditation. You don’t have to listen to music or a podcast on your walk. You can walk and listen to nature and your thoughts. Or if you choose to walk and listen to a podcast or music, this time is still cherished. The walk is simply uninterrupted time for yourself! You can use this uninterrupted time to check in on friends and family and call them for a quick chat! Or focus on how you are feeling and how you are doing mentally.


3. Fresh Air

The hot girl walk allows people to get outside and enjoy nature. And there is no better time to get outdoors than during the summer months. Being able to feel the sun on your body is truly one of the most heavenly feelings, especially for us New Englanders who feel as though we need to thaw out after a brutal winter. The fresh air and Vitamin D can do wonders for your physical and mental health. I swear I can’t be in a bad mood when I am in the sun. I mean, what could be better than getting a tan and a good workout in! Being outside is so important for our mental health. If you work a desk job or usually spend most of your time inside, this is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful summer months without feeling guilty that you aren’t being productive.

4. Can be personalized

The hot girl walk is not tailored to a particular specific routine. This is fantastic because you can make the hot girl walk precisely what you want it to be! If you typically like to push yourself during a workout, this can still be achieved by walking. If you would like to also one your upper body while walking, you can use small dumbbells and hold them in your hands while walking. I recommend a light weight, one that typically might be used in barre or Pilates class. So typically, anywhere from one pound to three pounds. Or you can use wrist weight. I am a huge fan of strapping on two-pound Bala bangles. They’re unique, and I feel a little burn in my arms about 15-20 minutes into my walk. If you do decide to carry or wear weights, you must pay a little attention to your form. Make sure you keep your arms at a 90-degree angle and move your arms as you walk. Or you can wear these weights around your ankles to make your booty burn. If you like to follow influencers, they also recommend spicing up your hot girl walk with lunges and other arm movements and challenging yourself with a route with more hills. But not every day or everyone wants to make this walk as challenging as possible. You have the ultimate freedom! Feel free to walk as slow as your desire or as fast as you want. It truly is all up to you! No time requirement either! Which is fantastic because most workout classes take around 30-60 minutes. So, if you only have twenty minutes in-between meetings, you can walk out your door and be back in time for your meetings. While other days you may just get transported while listening to good music or an informational podcast, and you may find yourself walking for an hour! The hot girl walk is as freeing of a workout as they come!


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5. Cute workout sets

Let’s be honest half time I’m able or want to work out is because I have just purchased a new workout set. And the fantastic thing about a hot girl walk is you can show off your new set and feel beyond confident in it. The other great thing about a hot girl walk is, as I stated before, it is low impact, so this will allow you to wear the set you want! You can opt for the cuter sports bra or tank top and not worry about not feeling supported! Yay! You also don’t have to break the bank on this type of activewear. Amazon has been making a cute and highly affordable workout set that is fit for your next hot girl walk. But if you want to treat yourself and spend a little more money, head to Lululemon, Athleta, Free People movement, and more for the perfect hot girl fit!


Overall, the hot girl walk is trending because it allows people to connect with their bodies. It gives people confidence and time to care for themselves while not feeling stressed or comparing themselves to other levels. I highly recommend taking part in the current trend that is the hot girl walk!