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Why The Future Is Female

Why The Future Is Female

These empowering songs for women will get your inner feminist going! These are some of the greatest songs written for women, by women!

There is no doubt that women are starting to get a stronger voice. Although we are far from reaching equality, our tempers are getting shorter and our resilience is starting to cement. Sorry if you are feeling intimidated by the fact that women are no longer ok being treat as the close second, but here are a couple of reasons why the future is female.

The Fourth Wave of Feminism

Feminism has come in waves in the USA. It started to snow ball and gather real support in the early 1900s when women finally won the right to vote. Since then there as been two other waves that have been strongly linked to the political waves. Scholars are commenting with the rise of women’s marches and the devastating outcomes in our judicial system, that we are in the fourth wave of feminism right now. We are seeing that social aspects in our society are still not peachy keen. For example, the sexaul assults on college campuses and the lack of consequence for rapists or support from the said institutions for the victims.

These things have always been apart our society. For most of us, girls are told that their clothes and manners have a influence on their personal safety. That men are not to be trusted and that we are the ones that have to protect ourselves, because no one is gonna do it for us. This has always been been a thin, unspoken part of our communities. The only difference is that we are sick to death of being the only one responsible for sexual assault and physical safety. We know it’s backwards and we are no longer gonna bear it in silence.

Why the Future is female
We Are A Society That Fights Back

From the females on college campuses standing up and picketing outside institutions and demanding that something be done about the rapists sitting in their classrooms, to the brave Dr. Ford standing up to a committee where half called her a liar in front of the nation. #metoo showed us there is an alarming rate of girls that have been assaulted. We are no longer keeping quiet, but taking your advice to act like ladies and telling you where to shove.

Why the Future is female

Females Are Entering Politics In A Tidal Wave

262 women are running for office in the 2018 midterm elections, 42 are on ballots for governor and lieutenant governor. Have you heard of Stacy Abrams? She is an African American woman running for the governor of Georgia. Or Alexandria Ocasio-Coretez, a 28 year old that won in the primary against a well established official for the 14th Congressional District in New York.

Women are moving towards the office in a big waves. We are no longer ok with taking a back seat, but hoping to bring the nation into a place where it recognizes that women are done being on the sidelines.

Why the Future is female

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Wa Are Not Close To Equality, But We Are Fighting

One of the biggest problems in the feminists movement that we are in right now is the feeling of completion. That we as a society no longer need those outspoken feminists. Which is far from the truth. I think we can all agree that our nation is in a constant state of political unrest these days, in which we that feel the right have a choice over our lives and bodies are in a state of fear. We are far from feeling safe that our rights are completely protected.

We are not looking for ‘sameness’ for genders, but looking for the equality. We would like to see the weak protected and those who have committed a crime pay for it. The future is female because we are not even close to being done fighting for equality for all people.

Why the Future is female

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