Why The Friends You Meet In College Will Stay With You Forever

Growing up you’ve probably had someone tell you that the friends you make in college are different from any other friendships you will ever have – but why is that? Is there a secret to these friendships, or is it just based on luck of the draw? Here are just a few reasons why the friends you meet in college will stay with you forever:

1. Gravitation towards people with similar interests.

The college atmosphere is immensely different from the high school atmosphere. College campuses are designed in a way that allow everyone to find their own path while intermingling with people they previously would’ve steered clear of. This change allows students to find people who have similar hobbies and interests as they do. Sometimes the only commonality you have with someone is that you live in the same hall as them. That’s the interesting part about college, you meet people from a variety of backgrounds; people who may seem different on the outside, but are just like you on the inside.

2. You spend countless hours together.

It’s easy to overlook just how much time you get to spend with your college friends. Some of your friends may live right down the hall, and at most they are a short walk away. By spending so much time together, you are able to develop a closer bond. The more time you spend with them, the more likely you are to start to adapt to their habits and quarks. Who know, you may even start to act like them!


3. 24/7 Friends.

Similar to number 2, your friends are always around. No waiting for you friend to get their ass out of bed and drive over to your house, instead you can just walk over to their dorm and bang on their door until they answer! Having a rough night… go crash on your friend’s couch.

4. Ease of Communication.

With the close proximity of your friends you will inevitably be spending countless hours together. While some of these hours may just be spent laying in your bed texting each other from across the room, your communication will be seamless. Like most friendships, there is no fear of saying the wrong thing, or worrying that your friends are going to judge you for what you like to talk about. Most likely you guys got together over a similar interest, so there is always something to talk about.

5. Grow together.

This is one of, if not the most important reason why the friends you make in college will stay with you forever. College is the time for experimenting and finding yourself – no matter how corny that sounds! This is where you find out who’s in it for the long haul. No matter how close you think you are with someone, there will always be those people that aren’t going to be there for you through thick and thin – AND THAT’S OKAY!! Not everyone you meet is a forever friend, but that is what’s great about college, there are so many people out there for you to meet and get to develop a friendship with. You will grow apart from people! It’s inevitable, and you will quickly realize that as you grow into the person you want to be, not everyone is going to be heading down the same path as you. However, the people that stick it out with you and are there for all the ups and downs will be the people you want to keep close to your heart! Don’t push people away who are still willing to put up with your annoying quarks.

6. You make fun of each other’s mistakes.

Though the ups and downs of getting your degree, you’re probably going to make a few mistakes along the way. Your friends are the ones who will never let you live those mistakes down. They will always be there to pick you back up, but will never let you forget the time you got a little too drunk the night before a big test.


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7. Laugh, Cry, Vomit, Repeat!

Exactly that – laugh, cry, vomit, repeat! Your friends will be there for all of it. The good and the bad, through sickness and health… kinda sounds like a marriage right?! Call it what you want, but your friends will be there through all of it. Because of this you don’t have to be embarrassed as you get older to tell them something, or be worried they are going to judge a decision you made.

8. You become a family.

Encompassing all of these reasons, your college friends will essentially become you second family. You end up spending more time with them than your actual family, and for some of you that’s a good thing! Even once you all graduate and go your separate ways, you know they are just a phone call away. They will have your back when you get cold feet before a big decision, or even as you walk down the aisle.

Never take your college friends for granted, sometimes they may be the only ones willing to support and put up with your craziness. Remember that not everyone you meet in college will there to stay through to the end, but don’t worry, you will find your crowd! Don’t ever let them go once you find them!


What have you learned about the friends you meet in college? Comment below!
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