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Why Spring In Seattle Is Something Everyone Should Look Forward To

Why Spring In Seattle Is Something Everyone Should Look Forward To

Spring in Seattle is more than just drizzle and rain. Here are some of the things to look forward to when it's springtime in Seattle.

Seattleites know that spring in Seattle can be a trying season. There is usually lots of rain and gray days that makes us question our sanity. But there are good sides to spring in the Emerald city. Here are a couple of things to look forward in springtime around the Seattle area.

1. Tulip Festival

Starting in April, the Tulip Festival is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Although located up in Skagit Valley (about one hour and a half north of Seattle), it’s totally worth the drive to see rows and rows of rainbow colored tulips in the valley. Grab a coffee and enjoy the trip up north into the farm country. The festival always has tons of events going on, so make sure to pick a date with something that sparks your interest. Remember that is spring in Seattle so bring your rain jacket!

2. Whale Watching

Get out on the water and find those whales that are hiding in Puget Sound. March through May is the best time to see the whales in the Seattle area. Not only will you appreciate seeing the Sound from a private tour boat but you can track down those Orcas that the Seattle area is known for. Spring in Seattle is for the whales!


3. International Film Festival

Kicking off the festival in may, the Seattle International Film Festival shows around 400 films from 80 different countries. Although SIFF has a year around cinema, the festival is where the hype and action are. This is the festival to attend if you are looking for your world perspective to be reestablished and challenged. Stay and listen to the directors take about their film and hob nob with the incredible talent that enters the film festival.

4. Fremont Sunday Market

Although this the Fremont Sunday Market is year round, there is something very relaxing about strolling through the market on a lazy spring Sunday. The Fremont Market is all about community and uplifting local businesses and vendors. You will find everything from vintage clothes to food trucks, so make sure to grab your dog and stroll through the market for a great morning out.

5. Folk Life

Northwest Folk Life is by far one of my personal favorite things to do during spring in Seattle. This festival is focus on art and culture of the Northwest that combines the hippy and the new age. Folk Life is a great representation of Seattle as it has so many cultures blending together. You can grab a plate of Ethiopian food and listen to a street performer using spoons and a banjo. There isn’t a better way to spend a weekend in my opinion!

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6. Upstream Musical Festival

Music is a main artery in the Seattle spirit, so there is no way you can get away without going to at least one in spring. Upstream Music Festival is usually held at the end of June and celebrates the latest Northwest artists that are up and coming. Usually stuff you hear on KEXP. Make sure to check out it to hear the up coming talent in the PNW fashion of discovering talent before the rest of the world.

7. Irish Stroll Bar Crawl

Make sure you are wearing loads of green for spring in Seattle and St. Patty’s day bar crawl that will have you feeling like a lucky Irish. These crawls are always spirited with a great atmosphere and drinks that will have you feeling like the true Irish. Grab a group of friends and make a night of enjoying drinks and food as you make your way through Seattle’s best Irish pubs on the Irish Stroll.

We love our Seattle in the springtime. Through the rain and haze there are some pretty cool things to check out. What is your favorite spring time adventure in Seattle? Let us know in the comments below!