Why Some Ex’s Can Actually Make The Best Of Friends

My mother used to always tell me people are in your life for a reason or a season; meaning some people are placed in your life to bring value while others have an expiration date on their heads. This is an important lesson to learn in life about friendships and relationships. However, those that were with us romantically are sometimes meant to be with us on a platonic level. this is more common than you think in reality. I know social media tends to set up memes about bashing our ex’s. Being that this person was once with you romantically, they know you better inside and out, so, they’ll probably make the best of friends.

#1 They Know YOU!

Nine times out of ten they already know lots about you from the relationship. Something has happened within your relationship down the line and you two realized that you can no longer be together. If it ended well, it could be a good chance that a friendship could be established. The best thing about this union is the fact that your ex-partner is not afraid, to be honest with you no matter how hard it hurt your feelings. This may sound harsh, but, you need someone like this in your life. I mean why wouldn’t they? They’ve seen every inch of your body and experienced parts of your mind to get to know you better while you were together. It’s a little hard not to be honest with your ex because you are no longer trying to impress them.

#2 No Bad Blood

Becoming friends with your ex is generally what people want. I don’t think everyone would want bad blood between anyone.  It is best to keep connections you’ve had on a neutral level in case you may need anything. An ex,  to a certain extent, will still do anything for you because there’s still some love there on a platonic level. Depending on how the relationship was, feelings just don’t go away so easily. There will always be something there.

#3 Set Your Boundaries

Having an ex as a friend can be a blessing in disguise. They could be one of the best friends you were missing in your life. However, there has to be some understanding that maybe getting back together isn’t the best idea. With you guys spending so much time together as friends, feelings are bound to arise again in you or the other. Unless you are ready to try again, I say to first establish boundaries first before taking the step to becoming friends because honesty is key.

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#4 Be Free With Your Truth!

It’s pointless to lie to this person. Like I stated before, they know you and it’ll be redundant to impress them. If you two have a good standing friendship you can really let loose any frustration out on this person and they wouldn’t get upset. Judgment becomes a thing of the past. Neither one of one will care. The entire friendship will be more than comfortable.

In conclusion, use to this to your own discretion. If your ex was an idiot beyond belief, then you know friendship should be off the table. But, if you know that the vibe you too hold together can oversee what you too had romantically, then, of course, you should go for it. The two of you were together for a reason. Let everyone know in the comments if you have any advice or interesting stories regarding your friendship after your relationship! Until next time, talk to you soon!

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